Kerry Weldon

Kerry Weldon

Washington, DC, US


Guiyang Eco Center

Project: Mixed-Use Retail, Offices, Convention, and Housing

Concept: Responding to the rolling mountain landscapes to create a new sustainable icon for the city

As Guiyang develops as a sustainable community, it seeks a new icon that represents the place, the culture, and its growing environmental initiatives.

Guiyang is known for its iconic rolling mountain landscapes, which inspire the curving convention center canopy. Housing towers grow from the base, carved as if the wind coming from the between mountains shaped them the way it shaped the land.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Guiyan, CN
My Role: Sustainability research, design development, primary convention center canopy design, renderings, detail and material development, full sustainability sections and diagrams
Additional Credits: Futurepolis, LLC