Kerry Weldon

Kerry Weldon

Washington, DC, US


Glendale Montessori

Project: K-5 Montessori Elementary | Spartanburg SC
Course: 5th Year Studio
Professor: Chris Beorkrem
School: UNC Charlotte

Award: 1st Place, Atkins Library Research Awards

Concept: A playful and engaging learning environment for children based on the Montessori principles

Five Montessori principles (below) inspired the educational design. Each works toward creating an environment that embraces a child’s nature to move, explore, grow, play, and ultimately learn. 
    - Ordered environment
     - Independence
     - Learning from/with peers
     - Movement + cognition
     - Connection to nature

How can the Montessori Principles facilitate a design where the building itself is a tool for learning, maintaining a fun and stimulating learning environment for children?

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Status: School Project
Location: Glendale, SC, US