Kendal Bowman

Kendal Bowman

Bloomfield Hills, MI, US


The Revitalization of Urban Blight

This project, nestled next to what could be called an urban
ruin in Detroit, takes on the challenge of investing in a dilapidated
property of Detroit and remediating the building along with the site for a new purpose.

The building, an old educational warehouse, was once used
to house educational information including books, school
supplies and many teaching materials for the Detroit Public
School System.

This project proposes taking the building and repurposing
it as a open green museum where the main exhibit is not
only the city of Detroit but the ‘building’ itself. By removing
two of the wall and opening up the plan, it allows a free
flow of light through the space and circulation. Through
the methodology of compacted earth construction, I plan
to reuse materials from nearby construction sties to create
‘hills’ within the building.

The main goal of the project is to not only have this
museum/park be a standalone attraction, but design and
implement a series of these parks within Detroit to provide
more greenscapes and allow for more public interaction



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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI, US