Kendal Bowman

Kendal Bowman

Bloomfield Hills, MI, US


Project RoughSketch

This semester’s work will involve the design of the site located adjacent to the All Male Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing of the Detroit Rescue Mission at 3535 Third Street. Planned in two phases: planning/design and construction.

The first phase – February to May – will be a comprehensive urban design, landscape and architectural plan for the site. The students of the program will work with the Mission staff, volunteers and clients to organize the site for maximum use and comfort while integrating the space back into the larger urban context. The landscape and architectural plan will involve the design of several small-scale objects – community gardens, seating, spaces for storage, recycling and communal gathering – created to facilitate healthy and productive long-term individual and communal use.

The second phase – June/July – contingent on the securing of the donation of both materials and volunteers - will consist of the building several of the designed components on the site. Key to both the planning/design and construction phases will be the participation of the clients of the Mission who use the site most often, as well as Mission staff and volunteers.

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Status: Built
Location: Detroit, MI, US