Kendal Bowman

Kendal Bowman

Bloomfield Hills, MI, US


Free Green Competition

This design was done for a design competition
with The purpose of the competion
was to challenge designers to prepare
ideas for clients of ‘real-world’ scenarios.

Our ‘clients’, Robert and Julia, were a middleaged
retired couple who had fallen on some
tough economic times but still wanted to have
their ‘dream beach house’ designed and
constructed with their needs in minds. Robert,
a retired professor, has a large book collection
and loves to cook while Julia is an art teacher
with a green thumb.

They both needed spaces for hobbies - Robert
loves to read books and Julia loves to paint - but
want the home to have a modern feel with a
sensitivity to nature. The challenge that BoDi
took on was to intergrate their needs with
simplistic design that was sensitive to the
surrounding environment.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Union Pier, MI