Juan Vergara

Juan Vergara

Brooklyn, NY, US


First Year Student Housing

The new First-Year Student housing project is an opportunity for the College to substantially improve the First-Year student experience and subsequently positively impact recruitment, on-campus retention rates, and student success.  The project is placed for best proximity to First-Year student services and amenities, creates synergy with the academic campus, enhances the physical cross-campus connections by improving the pedestrian access for all residents between the Upper Campus and the Lower Campus, and creates a unique Evergreen identity of “living in the trees” with enhanced access to sunlight.

The building is clearly organized into three distinct residential communities. A two-story pavilion houses the “Living Room” common spaces. This is intended to serve as a social hub and a gathering place for all.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Olympia, WA, US
My Role: Massing studies, interior development, exterior development, structural / civil / MEP coordination.
Additional Credits: Mahlum Architects