Juan Vergara

Juan Vergara

Brooklyn, NY, US


Courtyard Town Home

The courtyard town home provides an entirely new approach to low-rise multi-family housing in Seattle. This housing type creates a community center for all the residents to share, mitigates the visual impact of parking, facilitates interaction between neighbors, and increases access to open space and natural light. 

The courtyard serves as the primary pedestrian circulation route promoting chance encounters among neighbors. Public, semiprivate, and private amenity areas are layered and nested, allowing residents to find a balance between privacy and community. Outdoor and indoor living space flow together. Living rooms and kitchens open onto and look into the courtyard. The courtyard breaks up the project massing and brings natural light into the center of the project. 

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Status: Built
Location: Seattle, WA, US
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: Neiman Taber Architects, William Wright Photography