John Henry

John Henry

Orlando, FL, US



Are we free to design what we wish?  What is the value of paper architecture?  Sharing a client's vision is most important in securing a way to express an ideal in three dimensions.  To build your dream is important; to satisfy those who are patronizing you is more important.  What are your roots?  What do you prefer?  What do you think of modern technology and the historical past?  Is one more functional or richer in expression than the other?  How does one meld both into a viable statement?  Is it 'architecturally correct'?

I have lived and travelled throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East.  I was raised in South Dakota, Athens, Izmir and Ankara.  I have worked in the southern United States now for over 35 years.  We have designed luxury homes in Texas, California, Delaware, Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.  One of our designs is built in Sweden, two in Shanghai.

I know modern and ancient.  The classical is more delightful, interesting, inspiring and important to me than the modern by which I was formally educated.  I try to combine the elements of the best of both worlds but the outward expression has tended to reflect the Renaissance of Italy and France.  

I enjoy meeting people who see my work and want to do something similar but original for their specific needs, preferences and site conditions.  The creative act -- to start from nothing but a vision and end with a structure that solves a program but inspires in a magical way -- is my great pleasure.  The process is joyful and the end most gratifying.



Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, US, MArch, Architecture

Form follows function. Modernism. Specialty in Medical Facilities. Graduate Assistant during studies in Structural Design, Environmental Systems, Design, Urban Planning, Contracts, Photography, Drawing, etc.

Sep 1974 - May 1978

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