Jila Keshavarz

Jila Keshavarz

New York, NY, US


North Olive Place Public/Private Space Design

North Olive Place is a medium density residential complex within the growing center of downtown West Palm Beach Florida. While Working with Gentile, Glas, Holloway & O’Mahoney & 

Associates I was given the task of creating a separation between the public landscape and private landscape; the sidewalk abutting a private dog park/entry gate for the complex. The developers theme and style for the complex was said to be “refined industrial meets Miami Vice”. Keeping this declared theme in mind I began to design an industrialized partition with a gate that exuded an Art Deco style. The design and construction drawings were submitted to the city for review and later approved. Unfortunately due to budget restraints and lack of need, the dog park concept was discontinued. However, additional planters and seating I aided in the designing of were successfully approved and built in and directly around the complex. 

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Status: Built
Location: West Palm Beach, FL, US
My Role: Project Intern
Additional Credits: All work done under the guide and direction of 2GHO