Jila Keshavarz

Jila Keshavarz

New York, NY, US



Commencing our initial research phase, we moved on to developing a group manifesto reflective of our findings in the first phase. Knowing full well that our environmentally based concerns would pull no weight without economic incentive for the revenue oriented JFK airport, we began to re-evaluate the approach to achieve our designated environmental oriented goal. Remembering the mass amounts of pollution, we pondered how these negatives could ultimately be monetized, becoming revenue generating. The deep rooted history in the bay involving experimentation and the profitable production through toxic pollutants like Glycerin, and today Glycol, seemed all too coincidental and powerful of a notion to ignore. By drawing attention to the parallels within Jamaica Bay, historically, physically and metaphorically, we were able to argue that all pollutants should be harnessed for economic purposes. This supports the proposed design concept of a laboratory operating simultaneously alongside the normal airport functions. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Lead Landscape Designer
Additional Credits: Team composed of Urban Design Students and Landscape Architecture Students- Dual studio collaboration