Jila Keshavarz

Jila Keshavarz

New York, NY, US


BETWEEN THE LINES- Staten Island N. Rail Line Revitalization


 Forcibly so, in the near future we will need to re-purpose and redesign spaces previously perceived as useless and forgotten. Re-imagining them as renewed resiliency spaces. Offering both fundamental infrastructure and potential social zones, adjacent to highly efficient transportation nodes. Considering resiliency in all aspects within these areas offering security through multi-purpose for long term use and adaptation.

 Being one of the most undeserved boroughs of New York, Staten Island is due for a reconsideration involving design positioned for improved quality of life for the locals. I intend to investigate the potential within the decommissioned Staten Island North Rail, reclaiming it as a resilient transportation line, while successfully layering multiple functions and services to the local community along this revitalized rail. These coastal conditions along the North Shore overlap with countless unused industrial verges. Thus, providing the ideal opportunity to fine tune and tweak a future design scheme to perform multiple services simultaneously. Transportation resiliency coupled with social space making through the revitalization of this old north rail line would not only serve highly functional purposes but also yield the potential to create connectivity and continuity through the north shore. With only one linear roadway running along the shore, reducing the use of the personal vehicle and buses, is crucial to achieving transport resiliency for the long term.  Outsourcing daily passengers to a reliable rail yet again and providing a spinal cord of connections to new and existing green spaces would ultimately lead to a cohesive and well rounded North Shore.

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Status: School Project
Location: Staten Island, NY, US
My Role: Lead Designer for Final Thesis Project