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ignition architecture

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Octavia Court

Octavia Court, completed in early 2011, was the first project completed along the new Octavia Boulevard in San Francisco. This Type III, HUD section 811 affordable housing project  for developmentally disabled residents includes a vocational space, gallery, offices and a community room and courtyard at the ground floor.

Ignition Architecture became the Design and Executive Architect in 2008 after winning an invited design competition sponsored by the OCII. One of the primary concepts of the project was to balance the use of affordable materials, such as stucco, with highlighted areas of richer finishes, such as the wood-patterned resin panels seen at the corners. 

A central part of the facade is accentuated by the “blue ribbon”, a stainless steel element that starts at the roof, wraps down along side of sandblasted glass balconies, and along the street edge. The entire element is back painted blue and is lit at night with concealed blue lighting, powered by arrays of solar panels that gather energy during the day.

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US