Hayley Purdy

Hayley Purdy

Portland, OR, US


Tribeca Rooftop

A duplex in Tribeca, New York City, serving as the penthouse apartment with a large roof terrace and more than 6,000 square feet and 4,000 outdoor square feet.  The project, designed to be built in two phases redesigns the exterior penthouse facade and incorporates the design into the landscaped terrace.  This project attempts to tie the exterior of the penthouse into the existing Tribeca language of copper roofs and brick facades.  These traditional materials are reimagined in a playful manner with large copper soffits and unique brick games.  The landscape is designed by the landscape firm, Terrain.  Schematic design is by Danny Forster Design Studio and I am responsible for assembling and drawing the entire construction set.  

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tribeca, New York City, NY