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Gustafson Porter + Bowman

London, GB


Bay East, Gardens by the Bay

One of three distinct waterfront areas designed to transform Singapore into the world’s premier garden city, Bay East is a 33-hectare public park divided into tropical leaf-shaped gardens. Its two-kilometre promenade offers unfolding views of Singapore’s skyline as well as supporting a range of water-sport and cultural facilities.

While the exuberant tropical planting is particular to Singapore, the exploration of the relationship between the plant world and the human body is universal. The landscape seamlessly integrates the built form. Inlets are aligned with prevailing winds to catch cooling breezes. The masterplan includes measures such as sustainable urban drainage and water re-use, flood prevention, water quality control, habitat corridors and the inclusion of plant species to provide food and educational opportunities.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG
Firm Role: Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: Architect: Hamilton Architects
Architect & Urbanist: (Urban planning consultant) Lawrence Barth
Engineer: ARUP
Horticultural Consultant: (Tropical horticulture) ICN, Sue Minter
Client Project Manager: PM Link
Design Team Project Manager:
Lighting Designer: Speirs + Major
Local Engineer: CPA
Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon Seah
Consultants: (Soil scientist) Tim O'Hare