Guillermo Gómez

Guillermo Gómez

Madrid, ES


Quercus house - Self-sufficient industrialized house

Personal project. The photographs included in this project are of own elaboration.

Quercus refers to the group of plant species (oaks) found in this environment, located in the extensive plains of La-Mancha, Spain.

The house is understood as the set of material resources that make possible the calm daily life of its inhabitants, away from the busy modern world, to create an ideal of long-term life. It materializes in a refuge, understood as a habitable volume, elementary and self-sufficient, in the nature domain. It is inspired by vernacular constructions, whose southern orientation and proportions respond intelligently to the extreme contrasts in the climate in which it is found.

As a consequence of the remoteness of the place, it resorts to an industrialized construction, which softens the impact of construction on the site, the labour, the waste, and construction times. The functions of structure, closing, and finishing converge in a single constructive element, i.e. the crosslaminated timber panel, this being a renewable material, a removable system, and therefore, recyclable.

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Status: Built
Location: Villarrobledo, Spain
My Role: Architect, Structural & MEP, Project Manager, Contractor, Supervisor
Additional Credits: Collaborators: Sonia Aguado Llácer (Architect), Manuel Marín Lucas (Engineer)