Guillermo Gómez

Guillermo Gómez

Madrid, ES


Childhood spaces - an open system of components

Diploma Project. Mark: 10/10 with distinction.

Mention (third prize): Final Degree Project awards (Fundación Eduardo Torroja).

Published: Final Degree Project selection 2013-14. Projects department, ETSAV (UPV).

It is not a specific building, but a constructive and functional system; from a limited number of building components, you can get an almost unlimited number of possible combinations to achieve an optimal adaptation to each space and location. 

The system is made of a set of modular components consistent with each other. It is manufactured, ready to be transported and easily assembled on the destination place. It is an open, flexible, removable and reconfigurable system. Variations of the system allow generation of endless outdoor school organizations with a minimum impact on the natural environment.

The variants of the system allow to hierarchize spaces and adapt to different environments and orientations, with the threshold between interior and exterior being particularly important. The concept of building-box is rejected so that we have a series of filters that allow regulating the exposure to the environment. The vertical components emphasize the existence of two scales, that of the child, up to 1.20 meters, and that of the adult, and offer the necessary versatility to satisfy the different uses that can be found in an outdoor school.

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Status: School Project
Location: Valencia, ES