New York, NY



Custom-designed by FXFOWLE Architects for the inaugural Miami Project art fair, the FXFOWLE Lounge featured a free-standing architectural pavilion housed within a well-appointed lounge and bar area.

The pavilion – which paired technologically-sophisticated scripting software with simple museum board – comprised 180 varying segments that, together, took the form of complex structural geometries. The segments were pre-assembled, in-house and by hand, into 19 different ribs – using solely Elmer’s glue and a stock adhesive – and subsequently installed upright and fastened to one another via twist ties.  The pavilion structure was thoughtfully complimented by plus beanbag chairs and a timeless Prince Aha stool, provided respectively by Fatboy and Kartell.  SCRA, an applied technology research corporation, custom-fabricated the lounge’s 20 foot-long carbon fiber bar that FXFOWLE designed in-house, also with the aid of scripting software.  A light-sculpting accent wall provided by 3M Architectural Markets further highlighted the bar’s lustrous finish.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami, FL, US