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I was asked to look into outsourcing  our visualization works and was just wondering how much you guys think the work in this quality is worth ( per scene) ? Given it is done by a company in S/E Asia region where I know for the fact that the minimum wage is 9-10 $ / day and an architect grad  earns somewhere around 400-500$ a month.



May 18, 14 3:21 am

depends... Some companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for visualization work done by firms like MIR or Pixelflakes.  While I'm sure some pay people on $5 to have a few renderings

May 18, 14 8:07 am

and they ask why architecture firms are losing their value.

May 18, 14 9:05 am

Smells like an "Outsource to China" kind of thread.

But to answer your question, visualisation work like the one you've posted as example can be made with 1-2 hundred bucks on sites like Freelancer oDesk Elance etc, but usually, you get what you pay for.

May 18, 14 9:45 am

Thanks for the comments. You get what you pay for ... could not agree more on that. I would have thought  somewhere around 200-300$ too / seems to be the price that most firms in that region are offering afaik.

May 18, 14 11:19 am

Firms like MIR charge $4500 per image, regardless of whether it is a birds eye view or a eye-level one.

Most CG firms in China will charge about $800-$1200 for a Birds-Eye, and about $500-800 for eye-level shots...

May 18, 14 2:11 pm

My firm charges clients upwards of $1500 per rendering.

May 20, 14 10:30 am

It would be interesting to associate some images, quality and speed of work with the price tags, IMO.

May 20, 14 11:07 am

I want to ask you, in these prices you refer, in what resolution (width x height) refer to? 

thank you

Dec 28, 17 5:19 pm

Our price is $700 for the eye-level view and $1,000 for the aerial view.

Feb 27, 20 2:38 am

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