Zoomable vector drawings on the web - Just a test


I love the ICA section drawing and I decided one night to get 6-pack and trace it. I realize others are also interested in it so I spent a few more nights make a zoomable svg site that allowed anyone to quickly view clean vector drawings for whatever reason. Curious if others are into it and I can just make it public for everyone to use?

Apr 27, 14 1:40 pm

This has a lot of potential. I'd seriously consider using it.

Apr 27, 14 10:21 pm

This is a great idea, me too. 

Apr 27, 14 11:16 pm
Don't some sites have PDF viewers embedded into the page that do this too?
Apr 27, 14 11:30 pm

I've spent some time building website (  I think this has huge potential - Especially in the web development area.  If I could use illustrator to design a website instead of photoshop, and have all lines stay clean despite how far people zoom in - it would be huge.  How did you do it?

Apr 28, 14 10:22 am

Oops didn't see this until now.

If folks are still interested check it out (gave it a real url)

Samuel, if you want to do it on your own site I used this plugin and modified it a bit:

Thecyclist: The pdf thing was one of the reasons I built this. PDF plugins are really slow at parsing vector files and you can't zoom the way architects normally do in Rhino or CAD. 

May 4, 14 12:13 am

This is pretty interesting, with the proper media I am sure it will improve the way we view CAD drawings on the web.

Keep up!

May 6, 14 6:17 am

The site is requiring an email address without giving a place to enter it, so it's not possible to sign up.

May 10, 14 5:09 pm

Thanks placebeyond should work now. I'll upload some drawings that I made during my MArch later tonight to make sure everything else works also.

May 12, 14 12:56 pm

Still broken.

May 12, 14 11:43 pm

Had a few hours tonight to finish debugging, from my end sign up should work.

Also I added a few drawings to stress test the capabilities of the app. The LOT-EK drawing is about 3mb but seems to struggle a bit rendering at a high FPS rate. But the other drawings have a lot of lines and seem to render pretty well. Curious what others are interested in uploading.

May 18, 14 3:26 am

So this is just a gallery of drawings? This would be infinitely more useful if we could embed the zoomable images into our own sites. Not interested in contributing content to your site for free.

May 18, 14 4:29 pm

just use that github repository for your own site.  or find the html5 alternative online.

May 18, 14 5:06 pm


I would, but I don't know the modifications @moeamaya made, nor do I know how to make them. If he/she wanted to make the modified one available, that would be far preferable.

May 18, 14 7:07 pm

Actually the modification is very minor has more to do with being able to link someone to a zoomed in particular part of a drawing. For your use case, the default library should be perfect. 

Placebeyondthesplines feel free to email me jamaya . at . mit . edu  I can help you set it up on your own site. Or if more people want it, I can put up on github a blank sample site that you can just download and tweak to your needs.

May 19, 14 11:24 am

I've been experimenting with something similar. I think this is the preferable way to display drawings on the web especially if you are reluctant to use PDFs for fear of your work being stolen. 

May 19, 14 12:04 pm

Excellent work. Looks great. Renders much better than PDF, plus intuitive controls. I'll take a look at the original repo.

Thanks for posting, keep it up!

May 20, 14 5:11 pm

The github idea is a great one. I think a lot of people would appreciate it.

May 21, 14 1:08 pm

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