how to get into foster and partners anyone?

how to get into foster and partners anyone?

Apr 20, 14 10:43 am
Non Sequitur

I may be wrong, but I am pretty-sure their office front door is a good place to start

Apr 20, 14 10:56 am

Through the roof! Mission impossible style.


Apr 20, 14 12:04 pm

Produce better work than the thousands of other highly talented architects trying to get their foot in their door. xD

Apr 20, 14 12:11 pm

If you're living in the UK with a visa - pretty easy if your good as they hire boat loads all the time - but if in India, looking to get sponsored, pretty hard - no chance as there as so many archs in the uk already.  UK gov has tightened up visas -

Unless fosters is doing a project in India not certain you stand a chance.  

Better off if you're qualified, come to the UK and do a 1 year MA.  And then knock very hard and continuously on the door. 

Apr 20, 14 12:16 pm

And foster's projects are so generically banal and corporate, you should really set you bar a bit higher, mate.

Apr 20, 14 12:17 pm

Apply, interview, work.

They have like 2k employees, it can't be that hard to get a job there.


Apr 20, 14 1:20 pm
Give them a project
Apr 20, 14 2:41 pm
Is this a trick question? Apply like anywhere else. Except for certain direct recruitment happening out of whatever school one of the practice principals may be teaching at the moment, there's no secret recipe to getting a job at one of the "big" names, like F+P. You apply. If your experience and salary fit what is needed at the moment you will get a job. If you enjoy the starchitect vibe around you and you don't screw up badly, you will stay. Possibly you will even have a career of sorts. Otherwise you will do what so many others have done and work there for a couple of years and then move on. Simple as that.
Apr 21, 14 8:26 am

why the hell would you want to do that

Apr 21, 14 10:33 am

Its very telling how many people are critical of your desire to even try to get a job with them.  There are thousands of other firms that produce just as sterile corporate work, and you wont have to race against thousands to get a job with them.

Apr 21, 14 2:25 pm

I got through the intern criteria ,but they  take there interns from November,Now  iam placed in India only for sometime

Jul 26, 14 8:57 am

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