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So I am about to finish my third year of architecture school (2-3 to go before the master) and I realize that the bridge to the professional world is quite far. I got pretty good grades, I got a letter of recommendation from a very famous architect that we were lucky to get as a professor and I am sure I can produce a nice portfolio but I just wanted to check out if anyone can give me any suggestions about looking for internships etc.

I know archdaily, dezeen have internship listed but mainly for regular jobs. What is the best way to find meaningful internships and do firms appreciate people who want to do a 1 month internship during the summer break or is it just a waste of my time to contact firms?

I am european and would preferably locate myself anywhere in central europe but I guess worldwide work too.

Apr 10, 14 7:54 pm

An internship IS a regular job. What do you mean by 'meaningful internship?' If you are looking to design something go for a smaller low profile firm. You may get a shot. They wont do interesting work. But if you work for a higher profile firm the likelihood you doing design work is slim especially since you are still in school and you are looking for a short summer internship. You will build models that other people have designed, do some renderings, make diagrams, run for coffee for your project supervisor, etc. You may even be working for another intern. 

Apr 10, 14 8:04 pm

Also ask your famous architect professor to hook you up with a job. He has a healthy network if he really is that famous. You shouldn't have a problem. No one cares about your grades in the business I'm afraid. It's luck and knowing the person for most of us employed individuals here.

Apr 10, 14 8:06 pm

Maureen is correct - You need to get this famous architect-prof to act on your behalf, without asking him to do so. Jobs are still tough to come by, and validation by someone of authority is still very necessary. I just scored a summer job abroad, directly because I asked my graduate school director to putt me in touch with the right person (also known as "the person who actually decides when/who gets hired" at the firm) in the country I wanted to work in.

Applying to generic adds that request you send your CV/port to '' is a waste of time - no one is reading those.

Apr 11, 14 6:09 pm

 Its not hard to find 3 or 5 month internships but good luck with finding 1 month internships. .  How come you only have 1 month of break during summer?

Apr 11, 14 7:14 pm

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