Architecture firms in Singapore + Southeast Asia


Is there a website out there that has a list of firms for Singapore or South East Asia?


Apr 12, 10 12:04 pm

Which firms are you looking for? There are a lot of architecture firms in Singapore, but the bigger firms are DPA, RSP, CPG, AEDAS, Architecs 61. Are you looking for a job opening in Singapore? I've heard of a couple of firms that were hiring just recently.

Apr 12, 10 12:22 pm

Yes. looking mainly in singapore for a summer internship? do you know of any interesting firms down there? thanks for the info

Apr 12, 10 12:39 pm

you should check out the various firms website to get a sense of what they are doing, and whether you are a good fit for the company. Or are you just looking for a firm which is willing to accept you as a summer intern? I can probably give you better advice if you have more specific questions.

Apr 12, 10 12:48 pm

i was just hoping for a few names that are there, so i can look for myself

Apr 12, 10 1:01 pm

How's the job market in Singapore now?

How about working with no SG experience?

Apr 12, 10 2:05 pm

There are a couple of International firms w/ offices in Singapore. HOK, RMJM, to name a few. If you are open to interior design offices, there's, Hirsch Bedner, Wilson Associates, etc.

Other areas in S.E Asia - Philippines
International Firms - Di Leonardo, Arquitectonica.
Local Big Firms - Palafox Associates, LV Locsin & Associates, Lor Calma Associates and then some.

I'm not sure if companies in the area are open to summer interns or have summer internship programs to begin with.

Apr 12, 10 2:05 pm

@ eighttwo - u can start with
DP Architects
......It's a very long list.

do let me know if you need more help in this area cus I am currently working in SG.

The job market in SG has picked up significantly. It has an open economy and very cosmopolitan city. I saw a lot more firms looking for senior architects / designers in recent weeks. What I am not sure of is whether these firms accept international summer interns, though I am quite sure they do take in students from the local university for internships. I don't think you need to have any SG experience to land a job/internship here. The management for many big firms (and sometimes, small studios) hail from various countries, and even if they are locals, they have significant overseas experience from their undergrad/ grad studies or overseas work attachment. But I need to highlight that the people in SG work very long hours, and it's not a surprise to see some clocking 12 hrs (or more) daily. This may be a culture shock for those who came unprepared.

Apr 12, 10 8:12 pm

@ eighttwo and hawkin - if you are keen to get a job as a design architect, you may want to check out this firm, architects61.
They are looking for architects. You may be based in SG but have to travel, since they have projects in the region. pm me if you need more info. Will be glad to assist.

Apr 18, 10 11:36 am

you might also look at

WoHa Architects:

and Ong and Ong:

and Boon Gee Look:

Apr 18, 10 3:26 pm

The Ministry of Design ( is an up-and-coming firm very receptive towards international interns. They have specific tech and design teams, with quite a lot of new projects, so you wouldn't be CAD monkeying at all with the design opportunities coming your way.

I'd second the comment about the crazy hours, but if an overseas summer internship is all you're looking for,

Apr 19, 10 3:18 am

... Singapore's a good place to start. Good luck!

Apr 19, 10 3:20 am

Seems like a lot of corporate type firms in the SE Asian area. If you're interested in something else, this firm is interesting. They have a few nice built and ongoing projects.

Apr 19, 10 6:30 am

i'm a fresh graduate from taiwan that is currently stayin in malaysia,  i was hoping to start a job in singapore, is there any advice or condition that i need to notice? are there any recommendation?

Jul 5, 11 2:54 pm

Hi guys.

I am in Singapore at the moment, and I'm writing for a design related website.

If you're an architect looking for work in Singapore, you'll want to stay in touch with the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA, not to be confused with the airlines).

The job market in Singapore is very strong, and we are still posting significant growth despite the downturn. At present, there is strong interest in the following:

- Preservation work for colonial era buildings, or work that preserves the building while configuring it for contemporary use

- Lifestyle malls

- Public housing projects, with an eye toward making them as aesthetically attractive as private condominiums. This is especially true after the last election, when the high cost of housing was a key issue.

Be aware that transport is VERY expensive in Singapore. If you drive a car, you are asking for it. A free parking spot is virtually non-existent, and expect prepaid parking (You buy booklets of coupons, and when you park, you have to tear one out and display it.)

Other than that, parking in the city can run to a  ridiculous amount. Expect to pay $9 - $12 just for parking after a shopping trip. Also, the CBD (Central Business District) has ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) gantries. When crossed at certain times of day, money is deducted from a cash card. This goes into a device pre-installed in every car. On average, I spend $35 - $50 a week this way. 

If you are willing to lose your children's inheritance, you can take a cab. $2.80 when you flag it down. In town? $3 more. During peak hours? Pay an additional 35% of the fare. After midnight? Pay an additional 50% of the fare. Cross the ERP? Pay the gantry price, on top of all the other surcharges. 

As the city's public transport system is very safe and efficient, and reaches almost all parts of the island, I always advise long stayers to learn it. It's easy and will save you a ton of cash. 




Jul 20, 11 2:54 am

For those in Singapore, how hard is it to get a work visa? I see there's a six-month working holiday visa for Americans... Do people show up there and look for work or is it better to apply from overseas and get a business visa through your company prior to going?

What's the general standard for documentation in Singapore? Do most architects work projects through SD and hand them off to a builder or do firms work all the way through construction docs? Maybe depends on the type of firm / project?

Thanks for any help!

Jul 20, 11 6:49 am



Am doing my bachelor's in Architecture from Faculty Of Architecture, GBTU, Lucknow . I have my internship program in the course in this coming year and I am looking forward to working with firms in Singapore in particular. Unfortunately am not aware of how I can go about landing an internship there with a firm.

I want to request you if possible, if you happen to be aware of any such opportunities or else if u could guide me in any manner to go about this, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks
Yogendra S. Yadav

Nov 23, 11 1:51 am

Hey Pythagoras,

Just read your comments on this post. U ve been working in singapore for sumtime, just wanted to know how's your experience been so far?which firm are you workin for??Any good MNC u would  suggest ??In one of your comments u mentioned about job openings in  one of the firms?? are there any such opening as of now??

Dec 18, 11 9:05 am

hi pythagoras,

I have been searching for companies in SG. I am an Architectural Designer / 3D Specialist, I just finished my contract in UAE and i would like to try my luck in SG. It's good to know this forum discuss this matters and there is someone who helps in giving info about this field in SG. can i email you on some more info?..thanks!!

Feb 10, 12 8:53 pm

I'm an architect working in SG and I've posted a list of firms on my blog:

Apr 4, 12 11:07 pm

Hi am currently a masters student in Nus studying sustainibility. Can you suggest me firms which work towards sustainable or green planning and architecture. Or firms which are working on projects for urban regeneration. Currently looking for internship from this month till august and post that for a part time arrangement. Time crunched currently. need help!

May 2, 12 11:57 pm


I'm an architecture major studying at University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. The licensure exam in my country requires that I do approx. a year's worth of work hours (I think) on an internship. Although I'm not quite sure if a foreign internship is accredited I would still like to try to work at a firm in Singapore just to broaden my horizon. Can anyone guide me on how to apply? This would be such a big help for me. :) 

May 26, 12 12:50 pm


Nov 28, 12 10:42 am

hey everybody in singapore, i just arrived from miami, us. i would like to get in contact i am seeking advising on how to get a job here,


Jan 17, 13 10:35 pm

hii can any one help me with any job openings for architects in singapore

Jun 19, 13 3:18 am

i am looking for jobs for a while and have applied to many firms in singapore. i am unable to understand even if my mails r read or not. i will be greatly obliged if any one can help me with any job vacancy

Jun 19, 13 3:21 am


im a fresher architect.. and would like to know some good firms in Singapore that take up fresher architects..!!!

and preferably not a company with huge no. of employees.


Dec 23, 13 10:14 am

As the worldwide economy remains unstable, but Asia seems impervious and continues to prosper, I have been receiving this question a lot- why work as an architect in Asia? See my answer here:

Jan 29, 14 1:15 am

I have read in the news that the Singapore government is limiting the quota on their foreign workers. It means freshers and inexperienced job seekers will have a hard time looking for a job there. I've tried it and sent 50+ applications, but I just got an interview. I don't even know if the other firms that I have applied to have seen my email. They must have been getting tons of applications on  a daily basis.

If it's worth mentioning, you will be competing with international talent for a job there, not to mention the advantage of current PR and working visa holders who jumps jobs.

Jan 29, 14 3:54 am

Anyone with urban design background and looking for a job in Singapore? If so, send me an email. 


Jan 29, 14 9:33 am

Hi all,

What's the prospect of REVIT like in Singapore? Is REVIT well sought after skill? I am more than 10 year experience architect.

Thanks all.

Feb 3, 14 12:45 am

Hi everybody

  I need some help, but not with Jobs employments in singapore. Am actually a contractor firm which is in this construction industry for more then 30years. Its a family business and handed over by family. Am very new in this trade.

  I have problem with finding architect firms to invite our company for tenders as this company has not been very active for the last 5 years. I need to find some contacts of architects firms with tenders at least to get a chance to be awarded with some work.

How do i go about this problem. Issues i faced.


1) i tried to find contacts of architect firms and calling them to speck with architects. They will either say(we have contractors aready) or ( who are you or please send your company profile by mail) at the end of it, Its a no response from them

2) Walkin to architect firms without appointments, its even more drastic as there is not a chance to even meet a archtiect to even speck with. To even give a chance for my company profile

3) Wanted to employ someone with this kind of contacts to bring in to the company.But last employement i had a business development manager. Having a 5k sgd salary and went out everyday to say" market". for 3 months. Nothing was done or even begin able to trace what he did and was he actually working on it.


Can anybody advised me how do i get along with this issues. Or any kind person can recomd me some arhcitect firms to even speck with.

Company profile and jobs history is very good and has lots of cash with huge paid up capital.




Apr 9, 14 8:57 pm

Hey Archinect!

I am here to express interest in working in Singapore. I have had luck finding jobs before on the Archinect portal but alas there are no postings for Singapore.... so i thought i would turn to the message boards to see if anyone working there has an opening?

I have been fortunate enough to work around Asia at PURE Design in Shanghai - they have been featured a few times here on Archinect (example:, and at Byoung Soo Cho's office in Seoul, South Korea. 

I know that there has been a bit covered here about the firms that are around singapore, though i would like to find a small boutique office that has an opening. If anyone has any leads or just wants to talk Singapore please let me know! :) 

Steven Clarke

Jan 6, 15 4:02 pm

Hi,i have completed architecture,i have 2.5 years of working experience in india,how about the jobs opening there SG,can you suggest me some architectural firms in singapore.

Aug 10, 16 2:00 am

Hi, I have completed bachelor in architecture at Malaysia. I have experience working for one year in Malaysia. Can you suggest some architectural firms in Singapore that will hired me as assistant architect?

Oct 24, 16 11:37 pm

Paging Non Sequitur

Oct 25, 16 12:11 am

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