I need a new Office Chair


Really sorry, but I have been racking my brains over my new office chair purchase.
If anyone would like to throw in some suggestions, maybe it will get me out of this rut.
Things I like
Kengo Kuma
Saucier + Perrotte
Black, Grays, minimal.
Will probably be using with a Konstantin Gfcic table.

Jan 14, 10 7:09 pm

I recommend this model of recession minimalism:

Jan 14, 10 7:20 pm

Very nice.
But I, and a few others will be spending 12-26 hours a day in these chairs I would like a back and maybe even some wheels.
nice corner piece though, or place to sit my can of Sprite.

Jan 14, 10 7:25 pm
Jan 14, 10 7:49 pm
*your name

hey elvis, welcome to archinect's designer help dept.
$ 29.99.
at this price, it is designed to be gifted to the laid off employee.
of course, the soda can compartment can be converted to an ashtray.

Jan 14, 10 8:25 pm

I recommend the mesh version of the Eames. Described as a bit unique, a bit novel and fresh. The one below could very well be a knock-off since i don't remember the Eames ever making nylon mesh anything. And I could see this in the offices of the architects you mentioned easily

Jan 14, 10 8:26 pm
*your name
Jan 14, 10 8:27 pm

anyone know the name of this bad boy?

Jan 14, 10 8:57 pm

After reading 'The Chair: rethinking body, culture, and design', I must recommend this (how I wish I could afford such a thing). Good for work and rest, for those 26 hour days.

Jan 14, 10 11:20 pm
Jan 14, 10 11:43 pm

NLW2- Wow that is one heck of a chair!
I am torn because, although I do like arms on my chairs, for comfort, I don't for design.
I also wonder if having a chair with arms makes one lazy while working- if a chair without arms somehow makes one work more or less.

Jan 15, 10 12:26 am

"I also wonder if having a chair with arms makes one lazy while working- if a chair without arms somehow makes one work more or less."

Get a stool, chairs with backs are for lazy wimps!

Anyways, for me, a chair that you can occasionally lean back on, with armrests, is pretty good. My chair in studio had a back, but no armrests, and didn't lean back at all, so I either had to sit upright, which made my back very tired and sore, or lean forward with my elbow on my desk, which either made me look like I was working intensely, or about to fall asleep.

Of course all the jobs I've had for the last 10 years we weren't allowed to sit down at work, so I'm no expert.

Jan 15, 10 1:33 am

i too am in need of a chair. i have been using a chair from my late great-grandmother's kitchen is wooden and uncomfortable as a desk chair. i think it's keeping me from concentrating on very much when i sit down at my desk.

i thought i might be able to find some used office chair that wasn't too busted up...anyone have luck with this angle of attack?

happy friday.

Jan 15, 10 8:46 am

All I know about used office chairs is they have millions in Ghana on the cheap. Not sure if they're willing or able to send them back to those of us in the West though.

Jan 15, 10 9:24 am

I hope there are some nerds on here.....
I really want to know what chairs these are.
This is incredible.

Jan 15, 10 12:48 pm

Elvis, earlier you were telling us about 12-26 hr work days. Those chairs don't look appropriate for that type of intensive work. Heck, I feel sore just looking at them.

But, if you want to find something similar to that and more comfy you should definitely look at Vitra.

Jan 15, 10 2:31 pm
Jan 15, 10 2:56 pm

NICE! i had the unfortunate and coincidental "pleasure" of watching Leno last night, and he had a gentleman doing barbell squats on top of a swiss ball. pretty damn cool, actually!

Jan 15, 10 3:04 pm

aceclubs - I am considering a mixture of looks and comfort. a trade off.
These babies look like rubber chairs or something, very nice. I like the industrial look a lot.
tagalong - when I go to the fitness place (l.a.) i see girls on these doing some sort of pregnancy routines and i see men acting like they are doing some sort of secret stretch that makes them better than people like me who stretch old-fashioned.
those balls are the bane of my existence. i want to tackle people who use them.
mfrech - i hope leno gets jumped or something. can't believe he's trying to take conan's show away from him.

Jan 15, 10 3:17 pm

they're good for your back, just be careful so that a prankster coworker doesn't come by with an exacto, and pop, your on your ass....seen it happen, quite funny, sitter didn't think so.

Jan 15, 10 4:13 pm
Distant Unicorn
Jan 15, 10 4:27 pm

Elvis, I'm so glad to see you're alive!

I think regardless of the chair you choose, it's important to note that good design implies not only aesthetics but that it performs its task well. There doesn't need to be a trade off between comfort and design; a well designed chair should do both. A trade off between good design and affordability might be more likely.

Anyway, I can't wait until your new album drops.

Oh, and I would never buy a chair, Eames knock-off or otherwise, that is defined as a bit of an infinitive; either that chair's unique or it isn't, and since it's possible a knock-off and ubiquitous in the pages of Dwell and Metropolis, I'd guess it's the latter.

Jan 15, 10 4:39 pm


Jan 15, 10 4:40 pm

loved you in Bubba Ho-Tep, Big E! best film role!

Jan 15, 10 4:47 pm

thanks mfrech.
love your twitter account, your flickr photostreams and your 20something bloggers account. woohoo.

Jan 15, 10 5:25 pm

heh thanks King, yeah i know my way around a personal brand. or something like that.

it's almost quitting time...another week in the bag w/o getting laid off -- who needs a chair when you've got a job!

Jan 15, 10 5:29 pm

think they are Richard Hutten chairs, but kind find 'em anywhere...the search continues

Jan 15, 10 5:41 pm

This suckkkkksss.......
Found 'em. WAY out of my pricerange.
Dangit. Time to find a knockoff.

Jan 15, 10 5:48 pm

This chair is actually pretty nice to sit in: Blu Dot Buttercup Chair

I sat in one at the store for a while...

Jan 15, 10 5:54 pm

i can't justify spending more than $8 on a chair at the moment. my 2 cats would only gleefully destroy it!

Jan 15, 10 5:57 pm

nice tagalong-
also interesting that aceclubs listed a similar oxford when the forum started.
Dang It!
finding a replica of this is going to be a b.

Jan 15, 10 6:05 pm

double dang it.
after further invesitgation i was wrong.
though they are very similar

Jan 15, 10 6:30 pm

more conventional that most of what's here, but i love my haworth zody. my firm had such crap office chairs that i just went out and bought this for myself:

Jan 15, 10 7:15 pm

thanks for the link steven, i really like the system58 and the very.

Jan 15, 10 7:17 pm
Jan 15, 10 7:25 pm


Herman Miller Setu

Jan 15, 10 7:26 pm

always been a fan of this one.

Jan 19, 10 1:26 am

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the ubiquitous Herman Miller Aeron chair. Never been much of a fan, but arch firms seem to love filling conference rooms with those things.

What I would suggest for pure comfort and price is the Steelcase Think chair. As an Architect/Designer you can get a pretty decent discount from Steelcast and they are very comfortable without any need to adjust 15 levers and knobs.

Jan 19, 10 8:36 am

Herman Miller Embody Chair is the best office chair on the market . I have worked in the computer industry for over a decade with long hours and many strains. I recently switched to a telecommute situation which means my level of sitting in my home office is WAY more than previous. While this chair will never replace stretches, taking breaks, working out, etc -- it has had a remarkable and profound affect on my body just after a week of usage. It even resolved to issues I didn't realize were related to my poor posture.

Nov 12, 17 5:24 am


Nov 12, 17 7:19 am

Not clear about your requirements, but there are some important things to be considered before purchasing an office chair, such as the adjustability, cushion, tilt angle, back support, etc.

Nov 26, 18 1:15 am

Try this chair . I've been using it for a year now and my back doesn't hurt anymore.

Aug 1, 19 9:02 am

I'd recommend trying a bunch of different office chairs in your price range, take note of the one most comfortable to sit in, and go with that.

Aug 9, 19 6:15 pm

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