ski jumps

vancouver 2010's just around the corner, and we've been catching some of the ski jumping events on the tube.

unfortunately, the venue for vancouver is rather pathetic, especially when compared to recently built (or planned) jumps...

i'm especially intrigued with the sections of these, and how they've evolved in the last few years.

vancouver (whistler)(CA), CJP architects

garmisch partenkirchen (DE), terrain

klingenthal(DE), m2r

holmenkollen(NO), JDS

innsbruck-bergisel(AT), zaha

nizhny novgorod (RU), wilkinson eyre

Dec 22, 09 1:22 am

Honestly the jumps in the first pic look like the local jumps here in the Connecticut backwoods, but those others you posted are quite interesting. The last one is a stiletto (well, missing the stiletto part).

Dec 22, 09 2:24 am  · 

Seems par for the course for the Vancouver/Whistler Olympics: Some solid new sporting venues and a plethora of infrastructure projects that will benefit the cities for years to come. Not much in the way of great design however.

Dec 22, 09 4:52 am  · 

kinda makes me wish I went to architecture school..

Dec 22, 09 6:22 am  · 
brian buchalski

ski jumping is one of the craziest things ever. you don't even have to climb all the way to the top...just stand at the base (about where they launch), look up where they start & glance down where they land and you can't help but think "wtf?"

must have been some very drunk skiers that invented that sport.

Dec 22, 09 8:54 am  · 


Dec 22, 09 9:56 am  · 

yeah ski jumping is the flat-out balls insane-those distances and heights are really nuts. I used to xc ski on trails near a jumping club and even the 5m seemed e-norm. its such a ridiculous sport, that its physical prowess and gear have eclipsed its geographical origins, i.e. ski jumps need to be built because slopes aren't steep enough. its like holding swimming competitions in an aquatic treadmill because a lap pool was too easy to master.

Dec 23, 09 2:58 am  · 
brian buchalski

yeah, must have been some drunk vikings..."hey olaf, we dare you to jump off this mountain. don't worry, the skis will protect you!" must have been a hoot.

nonetheless, it's definitely worth visiting one in person. photos don't do them justice. neither does just driving by or seeing it on the distant horizon. take a few minutes to walk up as close as possible and i guarantee that you will have a completely different appreciation of this sport.

Dec 23, 09 8:35 am  · 
FOG Lite

holz posts now merit attention round the interwebs, I found this thread through Coudal Partners feed.


Dec 29, 09 2:53 pm  · 

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