GSD / Sci-Arch / AA / Bartlett / M.Arch waiting waiting waiting.for decision?


Dear All,

Any first-handed experience or rumors would be appreciated.  (M.Arch)

I would like to know how long does it takes for those university to reply their decision, after they receive the portfolio.

Personally I would apply to GSD and Sci-Arch. Done GRE and things.

My friends applied for AA/Bartlett. It has been a month now after the university received the portfolio. And now we are getting excited. ( or nervous )  hahaha. We heard somebody got accepted after 2 weeks, while some around a month. Some also got rejected around a month. Oh no...

Any response would be appreciated,

Thank you.

Feb 8, 14 10:37 am

Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I hear most schools begin sending out decisions late Feb  to the first few weeks of March. A few are slated for the first week of April. 

Ive applied to the MAUD program at the GSD and SmarchS at MIT. Extremely nervous as well. The wait is frustrating. 

Stay calm and hope for the best !

Feb 8, 14 11:24 am

The wait is killing me too. I check the grad cafe almost every day! Ugh

darth_arch is right though, nothing until late February, early march. 

Feb 8, 14 11:47 am

I check every day too, hahaha. I applied to Harvard, MIT, and CMU for their Design+Computation programs.

I try to entertain myself working but I can't hahha.

Feb 8, 14 4:10 pm

The wait is getting me all anxious as well. So I did some research. Here is when people heard last year. Mark your calendars! (All these dates are for the M.Arch 1 programs)

Sci-Arc // phone: 2/27 email: 3/25-26

Yale // email: 2/27-28

Harvard // email (in): 3/4 email (out): 3/12

Princeton // phone (in): 3/11-12 email (out): 3/14

MIT // phone: 3/13 email: 3/14 post: by 4/1

Feb 8, 14 9:17 pm


Feb 8, 14 11:38 pm

@Shep, MAUD and SmarchS follow similar dates?

Feb 9, 14 11:21 pm

@darth_arch I'm not sure.  You might be able to find out by looking through last year's results at gradcafe. Thats what I did to find those.

Feb 10, 14 12:22 am

I heard back from UCLA via phone call yesterday 2/9. Feels good to have the first one down. It was a yes! 

Feb 10, 14 11:41 am

lucky you, was it for the M.Arch I , or M.Arch. II

Feb 10, 14 1:21 pm

Dang that is early. Congrats mrenz!

Feb 10, 14 2:33 pm

That's awesome mrenz! Congrats! You must've made a great impression! What degree? M.arch I or M.arch II?

Feb 10, 14 4:00 pm

I just received my first rejection from AA, How sad it is 

Feb 11, 14 10:07 am

That sucks Vince but cheer up, maybe it wasn't the place for you! Did you apply anywhere else?

Feb 11, 14 10:21 am

I've applied for SAC/ Delft /Bartlett /ITECH /CITA /Greg Lynn Studio/

It seems that I need to take a long time receiving all the results..   

Feb 11, 14 10:48 am

Yeah you applied to a lot different schools, I'm sure you'll get into one of them!

I wonder how many people have heard back already...

Feb 11, 14 12:45 pm

It was MArch I. Thanks everyone! 

Feb 13, 14 1:11 pm

Just an update: 

UCLA - 2 people in on 2/8 and 1 in on 2/9, all by phone (interesting they were contacted over the weekend (all M.arch I)

Yale - 1 person rejected on website (M.arch II)

MIT - 2 people in (M.arch I) by phone

Feb 13, 14 3:02 pm

Hp87, Are you getting that information from Grad Cafe?

Everyday that passes with no response, I get a little more worried.

Feb 13, 14 3:44 pm

I am ( I know, I'm pretty intense about it). 

And yes, I get worried too. I applied to UCLA, USC, UIC, YALE, GSD, and UPENN. No word yet. *Fingers Crossed*

Feb 13, 14 4:35 pm
Marina CM

3 people into MIT for MArch I! It seems that they are releasing the decisions very early this year!

Feb 13, 14 5:51 pm

Seems odd to me that these school piece-meal their acceptance letters. 

Feb 13, 14 5:59 pm

every one who had applied to MIT is worried as  MIT starts sending its decision around early march for time being let us assume it as troll.

Feb 13, 14 10:14 pm
Marina CM

Hey congratulations!! I'm crossing fingers for the rest of us (me included)!

Feb 14, 14 2:33 pm


Feb 14, 14 4:46 pm

Congrats Tabeguache! Is that your first choice? 

Crossing my fingers for the rest of us along with Marina!

Feb 14, 14 5:30 pm

^almost no arch school cares about GRE unless you bomb it. I asked them about it when I was considering applying there several years ago... they point blank said they didn't care. haha.

Congrats though, and good luck!

Feb 14, 14 10:57 pm

congrats Tabeguache .what was your undergrad degree?

Feb 14, 14 11:17 pm

nice 1 Tabeguache .

this wait is making me desperate to log in archinect , grad cafe every 5 minutes from last 2 days.

Feb 14, 14 11:34 pm

Congrats Tabeguache, 

Suprised MIT started sending out decisions this early ! Is it safe to assume even the SmarchS decisions will be sent out sometime now?! 

Feb 15, 14 12:00 am
Marina CM

Hey darth_arch, I think (and hope) so. SMACT decisions also came out, so my bet is that we will be hearing about SMarchS next week. What group did you applied to? Urban Planning?

Feb 15, 14 11:31 am

Yes, Smarchs in (Architecture+Urbanism). How about you?  

Feb 15, 14 12:21 pm

Do you have to fill out the FAFSA by Feb 15th even if you haven't been accepted?

Feb 15, 14 12:39 pm
Marina CM

darth_arch, I applied to the Design and Computation group. I wish you good luck!!


SpatialSojourner, I have no idea :S

Feb 15, 14 1:06 pm

@SpatialSojourner it depends on the school, as to when they want it. If you've been rejected, of course there's no need, but if you just haven't heard, it would be a good idea. Many schools seem to send out financial aid packages with or close to admissions offers. It only takes a few minutes, so might as well get it done. You can estimate the numbers and confirm later if you haven't filed taxes yet.

Feb 15, 14 1:36 pm

@Marina CM- Thank you, I wish you the very best too :)  

Feb 15, 14 1:55 pm


A friend just received a phone call today from RISD awarding her early acceptance to the M.arch I program. 

Feb 16, 14 10:00 pm

A friend of mine got accepted from Bartlett and AA.

Feb 17, 14 10:40 am

Seems like UCLA sent out more acceptances...

Feb 19, 14 9:19 pm
C. Watts

They are calling their top picks. Friend of mine was called by Denari and he was in their top 5 for admissions. Keep calm though, they will send out email notifications soon enough, or maybe you and I will get a call.  Who knows..... 

Feb 20, 14 8:56 am

has anyone heard from berkeley?

Feb 20, 14 9:01 am
I'am a senior at uc Berkeley Ced and I talk to the dean of the architecture yesterday about grad school acceptance responses. He told me that this year they should be send on March 1st. I hope this help.
Feb 20, 14 10:57 am

got the offer from SCI-Arc, MArch1 with 10K today.

good luck everyone.

Feb 20, 14 11:55 am

Also got a phone call from SCI-Arc. Anyone going to the visit on Monday?

Feb 20, 14 12:54 pm

Congrats you guys!

Feb 20, 14 1:08 pm

The stress from applying is starting to come back thanks to all this wait. Every hour that passes makes me more anxious!

Congrats to all of you who got in though!

Feb 20, 14 2:14 pm

Just got an email from UIC, super excited to finally receive some good news!

Now waiting on the rest, good luck guys!

Feb 20, 14 2:48 pm

Yale email!

Feb 20, 14 4:07 pm

Hp87 did they send you the email to your personal email address that you used to apply, or to your UW Net ID email? I remember getting an email from them saying they were going to use UW net ID emails for further contact but I don't even have one.

Feb 20, 14 4:10 pm


I got an email to my personal email, they said they would be sending further information next week so remain vigilant! 

Feb 20, 14 4:27 pm
Marina CM

It makes me much less anxious when I read that you guys are receiving news, lol!! Congrats!!

Feb 20, 14 4:35 pm

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