portable air conditioning: better than window unit


My friend just moved into chicago and his house is old without air conditioning unit. I am thinking of recommending 2 portable air conditioning units for him. They still need duct to drain the water out though. Do you guys think this is suitable in terms of cost and convinience?

Jun 24, 09 9:46 am

portable ACs tend to be more $$, noisier, & less efficient then window units. there are portable ACs with condensate tanks - so no drain is needed, just an exhaust vent to a windo.

Jun 24, 09 9:55 am  · 

Thanks. Any recommend brand? How often need to change the condensation tank?

Jun 24, 09 10:17 am  · 

The sales at HD told me people like quiet. So please recommend a quiet one if you knows.

Jun 24, 09 10:55 am  · 

How fast the condensate reservoir fills up is going to depend on the humidity where you live.

Jun 24, 09 11:07 am  · 

ok.. i have a floor AC unit, im not sure if thats what your referring to, but mine is ASS... it drains into a little bucket that needs emptying every 4 - 8 hours and it cools a 10x10 bedroom with the door closed fairly well, besides that, its pretty much useless..

dont do it, my dad had a 10,000BTU window unit that cooled the entire house, my portable unit is 8,000BTU and it is a pile

Jun 24, 09 5:04 pm  · 

Shaner: that is exactly what I am afraid.
Thanks for sharing.

Jun 24, 09 5:42 pm  · 

what's air conditioning?

Jun 25, 09 3:54 am  · 

Assuming you have windows that will allow their placement, window units are best.  There are even models that go into vertical sliding windows.  People I know in Chicago put them in for the summer and then remove them each winter.  Window units can be an easy means of entrance for burglars if you don't properly secure things.

Sep 24, 19 10:46 am  · 

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