Revit Sucks!


revit only sucks because no one knows where to draw the line between modeling and document production.

Mar 3, 13 11:07 pm

Should i just say  for me revit doesnt suck.  I can do everything with it, from conceptual design to construction administration. If i had to summarize why revit sucks for most people it is simply because they don't realize that revit is not just a drafting tool, and it is also not everything.   We should know how something is conceptualized, and know how things are built. If you have years of project management experience, or are very passionate about creating,  Revit is a powerful tool in our arsenal, though it takes years to know every in and out of it, you can get up and running fairly easy though. If you find a so called revit guru in your company, more than likely this is a person that has experience, in sd, dd, cd, or ca.  and you should ask for their insight. in my case i had used all cadd, for 8 years prior to using Revit, now have been using revit for almost a decade. I was able to see what could be done better because i learned from other technology (cadd, etc..). Bottom line is if  you consider yourself a well rounded architect use revit it will help you do everything from concept to c.a.  If you are a so called designer, stick to whatever programs help you achieve your goal. I'm not saying revit is the only program to use I still use everything from hand sketches, old pdf's, cadd, rhino, photoshop you name it. It does require a certain amount of effort to be good.  Ok dont know if this helps anyone. good luck everyone.

Mar 4, 13 12:14 am

Lego, it also depends on what your design is...

Mar 4, 13 2:58 am

@lego and sameolddoctor, simply put, if you're good at it then it doesn't suck, if you're bad it at then it suck. Same goes with everything else. You hear old school architects ripping autocad apart saying that it's shit and they can manually draw faster. Reality is that the program is way too advance for them to try to understand and bother to learn from scratch. Same with BIM. Sometimes it's not the program it's the user. 

Mar 4, 13 2:51 pm

shit in shit old cowboy architect told me that once upon a time.

Mar 4, 13 7:45 pm

hys, I am trying to say that Revit is really not suited to design. Sure, it is very powerful but I find the program quite clunky and bloated.

Mar 4, 13 8:56 pm

I love Revit especially when engineers use it for their design models that don't work and generate us thousands upon thousands of dollars of change orders and pile of extra money! It is a real money maker for the construction contractors if handled properly. 

Mar 7, 19 12:12 pm
Non Sequitur

Just get better at coordinating with your consultants early in the process and establish common BIM standards in your contract. Easy-peasy if everyone knows what they need to do. Sure, plenty of folks don't care about the quality of their models but fuck them as they have nowhere to hide if the expected quality level is right there in the contract. We get this too often as well but there are so many less headaches when the BIM team sits together and discusses on an action plan before the first line is drawn.


I can't agree more with Non Sequitur..

I don't think Revit sucks, but people using it can suck and derail the whole purpose of BIM.  During CA, I caught our people have drawn casework in 2D in floor plans and interior elevations separately.. So, floor plan and elevations didn't jive, and they weren't coordinated with sink, light and electrical fixtures... 

Moreover, we failed to capture the drywall soffit above the casework in RCP, so we ended up with 2' gap in between the top of the upper cabinets and the ceiling above them...  We ended up adding 2' faux panels filling the gap...  

When I assumed that my colleagues know how to use Revit...

Mar 7, 19 8:41 pm
Non Sequitur



BTW, Non Sequitur, this was the same design build job i talked about in your thread... when other engineers were building their models at 400 LOD, we were doing this.. I got so embarrassed for several weeks during the BIM coordination.. I was so relieved my client didn't sit in those meetings.... He found out later when he was hit with the change order, but he doesn't know what actually caused it... LOL

Non Sequitur

Fascinating. We had something similar with the electrical model. We had a massive meeting with the client, all the senior/vice prez of the engineering office and myself together with a big PM company who took our model and mashed the consultants together. The vice electrical p.eng just could not understand that his conduit had girt when bending and that we had other shit, like elevators, where he expected to pass his stuff. Very embarrassing day for them.

Non Sequitur

My latest battle was with the mechanical guys who just could not draw their flex ducts through my OWs joists. They just did not have the software “skills” to do it. Also just noticed earlier today that all the door operator motors are hosted to the floor slab.

Non Sequitur

I am not lowering my ceiling 8 fucking inches because your team sucks at revit.


Sadly, happens to every one of us... I actually became more lenient to others' mistake believing that I can be that person too. Even though you yourself didn't do it, but as a PM, I had to own my team members mistakes..


Fortunately, our client did like that faux panels... :)

Non Sequitur

Wonderful. We're currently fighting with our MEP because instead of working with our decently built model, they took an outdated SITE PLAN CAD file as an underlay to position their shit. No grid lines or other references used. The only BIM work they did was to raise the equipment (some of it) to the correct level. I'm only BIM advisor (after the fact) on this one... I'd be livid if this would have happened during my coordination stage.


LOL, lowering ceilings because Revit... been there


The problem with Revit/BIM is that there are very few people who really know how to use it AND also know how to design and document.  With CAD you could at least fake it if you knew only a few tools but knew how to put together a set of CDs.  With Revit there's so much more you can potentially screw up - and the issues become amplified if you have multiple teams who aren't as skilled with it.

Mar 8, 19 4:24 am

The people that know all the "latest" software lack concrete building documentation experience and the people that know how to put a proper set of drawings together content wise lack current software knowledge.
It also doesn't help that lots of the people that would by now have acquired both software and documentation skills were let go during the recent economic crisis. There's exactly that skills gap in many offices judging from all the ads out there.

Non Sequitur

And judging by all the headhunter emails I get, I got that gap perfectly! I’m currently training other staff in revit with CD production as the big discussion item.


I don’t think it’s just the generational skills gap - I know people who have been using revit for a decade or more who are still aren’t completely skilled in the software. With CAD it was a lot easier to just hand off some redlines to someone straight out of school. Now everyone is scared to let recent grads touch a model because the time it takes to fix problems and mistakes is much greater. The learning curve is far too steep, and I think this is preventing junior people from learning things as quickly as they used to.

Non Sequitur

Get your junior mitts off my model. I don't have the time to redo half of your work.

My personal favorite is when CADers use Revit like AutoCAD. 

Mar 8, 19 10:11 am
Non Sequitur

See my comment above regarding MEP guys "tracing".


LOL, 10 years of Revit Sucks discussion!

Apr 18, 19 2:29 am

its 2019 and 

13 years ago, im pushing BIM to our office enlightening my lazy colleagues to learn.

10 years ago, big implementation kicks in and they are asking me to give them tutorial though im long gone in the office.

5 years ago i began scripting and still they are struggling for solutions on BIM office standards.

today, im auto-translating scripts to analytics along with automated BIM report to our global office HQ by PowerBI and they said: We really hate you and we stick to Cad.

my message is simple:

I Adopted Revit.

Apr 18, 19 2:40 am

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