Revit Sucks!


revit only sucks because no one knows where to draw the line between modeling and document production.

Mar 3, 13 11:07 pm

Should i just say  for me revit doesnt suck.  I can do everything with it, from conceptual design to construction administration. If i had to summarize why revit sucks for most people it is simply because they don't realize that revit is not just a drafting tool, and it is also not everything.   We should know how something is conceptualized, and know how things are built. If you have years of project management experience, or are very passionate about creating,  Revit is a powerful tool in our arsenal, though it takes years to know every in and out of it, you can get up and running fairly easy though. If you find a so called revit guru in your company, more than likely this is a person that has experience, in sd, dd, cd, or ca.  and you should ask for their insight. in my case i had used all cadd, for 8 years prior to using Revit, now have been using revit for almost a decade. I was able to see what could be done better because i learned from other technology (cadd, etc..). Bottom line is if  you consider yourself a well rounded architect use revit it will help you do everything from concept to c.a.  If you are a so called designer, stick to whatever programs help you achieve your goal. I'm not saying revit is the only program to use I still use everything from hand sketches, old pdf's, cadd, rhino, photoshop you name it. It does require a certain amount of effort to be good.  Ok dont know if this helps anyone. good luck everyone.

Mar 4, 13 12:14 am

Lego, it also depends on what your design is...

Mar 4, 13 2:58 am

@lego and sameolddoctor, simply put, if you're good at it then it doesn't suck, if you're bad it at then it suck. Same goes with everything else. You hear old school architects ripping autocad apart saying that it's shit and they can manually draw faster. Reality is that the program is way too advance for them to try to understand and bother to learn from scratch. Same with BIM. Sometimes it's not the program it's the user. 

Mar 4, 13 2:51 pm

shit in shit old cowboy architect told me that once upon a time.

Mar 4, 13 7:45 pm

hys, I am trying to say that Revit is really not suited to design. Sure, it is very powerful but I find the program quite clunky and bloated.

Mar 4, 13 8:56 pm

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