Anyone major in architecture at Parsons ?


I'm applying to Parsons and I want to know how the courses is like, do they have study abroad session? ^_^ the info on their website is so little and I don't see any review about the course. What is the pros and cons of the 4+2 (ex: Parsons's program) and 5 years route (ex:Pratt's program)? except the fact 4+2 cost more plz. Can we get internship (IDP) if we take a pre professional program or we have to have M.arch in order to start the IDP? 

Nov 7, 13 4:01 pm

I cannot speak for Parsons. though it has a good reputation. However, I went the 4 + 2 route and I regret it. Those who graduate with a 5 year professional degree can still get licensed with no additional schooling and they can get their masters in one year (typically). With a 4 + 2 program, most people, including me go straight from undergrad to grad without working in between because a 4 year degree won't let you get licensed. After working for a while, I wish I would have done grad school a few years after undergrad (and working) and taken a more complete understanding of architecture with me. Just my two cents. 

Nov 7, 13 6:27 pm

hey sog4 ! Thanks for your prompt comment! Some experienced architects suggest to finish school early and start working, others say 4+2 give you a more well-rounded knowledge ( a bit of everything: interior design, landscape, architecture, etc.). But 5 years professional degree is more seriously into architecture alone!

Oh and, I saw on the ncarb website that if you enroll in a pre-professional architecture degree program at a school that offers a NAAB/CACB-accredited degree program or in a NAAB/CACB-accredited degree program, you can surely start working and get internships after finishing your undergrad. I'm not sure if I understand it correctly but does it mean either you take B.arch 5 years program or BS arch pre professional program in a school that offer M.arch (which is accredited ) ?  Thank you! 

Nov 9, 13 4:30 am

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