Help me figure out the next move in my career!!


What I am:

  • female, 36 years old
  • mother to a son
  • 10 years experience in architecture firm as architectural designer
  • not licensed yet (but working on it)
  • high energy / active
  • I like the "big picture"
  • organized
  • resourceful
  • work well in deadlines
  • good problem solver
  • good people skills
  • fast
  • investigative
  • the human condition interests me

What I am not:

  • very focused
  • detail oriented
  • free of responsibilities (i am a mom)

I am at a pivotal point in my career. I don't think i am cut out to be an architect based on the  traits I have listed above as well as a lack of contentment in my job today. But, I would like to use what i have learned in the last 15 years (school and work) in a profession that might be better suited for me. it can be related to building  or construction. I am willing to take classes and go back to school if needed.

Anyone has thoughts??


Thank you!

Oct 18, 13 3:52 pm

What you want is government work!

Not sure what kind of opportunities your city/ county/ state/whatever has, but I could imagine  your organizational skills, resourcefulness, and ability to work well with others could be translated into a position in the planning department, or heritage/conservation / or parks and infrastructure...that sort of thing.

Oct 18, 13 5:06 pm

Interesting advice lamGray! never thought about that before...

Oct 18, 13 5:28 pm

You should look into teaching - much more flexible schedule too

Oct 18, 13 8:11 pm

Planning firm (big picture work)? In-house architect for a builder or an engineering firm (where someone else would have ultimate responsibility for the details)? 

Oct 18, 13 8:31 pm

In addition to the government and builder opportunities outlined above, you might consider a facilities management position at a university or hospital.  Whatever you do, get your license ASAP.  Being 10 years in, you will be competing with licensed applicants for the good jobs.

Oct 19, 13 10:10 am

Thank you all for your very useful advice! I am seriously considering all of your suggestions  but first I will try getting my license out of the way so I can be more marketable for these career choices! I will let you know why I have decided to do when I make my next move......

Oct 19, 13 10:57 pm

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