The Competition movie

Does anyone know when the OSS documentary "The Competition" releases? Or where screening locations will be?
Oct 12, 13 11:44 am
MR. Obsessive

there was a screening at the dutch film festival at rotterdam recently fromwhat i heard 

Oct 12, 13 11:47 am  · 

AFFR screened it last thursday (10th of October).

Haven't seen it pop up anywhere else, just like a lot of other architecture movies. That is pretty much of a shame because there are some real beauties around. 

Oct 12, 13 2:47 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

I wouldliketoseethis plz k thks

Apr 9, 18 11:36 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

hey Archinect Outpost can you do a screening of this I would like to see it and have been waiting patiently since 2013 but it's still not available the next screening is 29july19 in bologna (italy!) but that's too far to walk or even bi-cycle from los angeles so thanks again k buh-bye

Jun 28, 19 1:38 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?


how 'bout this?  can someone do their thesis on this topic to get a dvd of this thing?  maybe i'll go back to school, all Rodney-Dangerfield stylee, and work on my 'PhD'!


On the other hand, we offer free copies of the film to PhD or postdoctoral researchers who can prove the theme of the of their research is related to the film’s main themes some of which are: architecture competitions, architecture creative and organizational processes, creative work processes, documenting architecture. If this is your case, please submit your request at and we will explain you the steps.

Thanks, i'd still really like to see this.

Jan 30, 20 10:09 am  · 

Don’t know what the fuss is all about:

Jan 22, 21 2:26 am  · 

I've just watched the trailer and I'm left wondering why so many students want to work with these miserable architects. 

I finished school 11 years ago but this instantly brought back memories.

"What is this for? For pigeons?!?!?!"

Jan 22, 21 2:27 am  · 

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