URGENT How do i add trees and people in 3d max?


Hi, I am a rookie for 3dmax, I urgently need to know how to add ppl and trees....

I am not talking about adding actual models of trees and people... i mean adding ppl or trees in a bitmat format and allow it to cast shadow~

tried to search in google but didnt have luck...or if anyone knows where i can find a tutorial. please share with me. thanks~

anyone please?

Oct 13, 08 10:21 pm


shadow casting

Oct 13, 08 10:33 pm

is it possible that to do it without photoshop? but just use a jpeg and even allowing it to cast shadow?

Oct 13, 08 10:40 pm

not that i'm familiar with, sorry.

Oct 13, 08 10:46 pm

you can make a shape, add an image to it which has an alpha channel. The alpha channel can be added in photoshop and just makes whatever is the background of the image (let's say there is a person, and it has a white order to make the white background disappear in max, make an alpha channel that is black in the areas you don't want to see when you render) You have to activate the alpha channel in (I think) the transparency portion in the material editor (I don't have access to max right now, so I can't give the exact details!) but try searching the use of an alpha channel material in Max! (sorry my advice isn't the total answer, but I know this works!)

And all of this is if you want it to cast a shadow....other wise, you can just drop an image into the material editor, apply it to any 3D shape that is close to the size of the object you're rendering..., scale the image so it has the right proportions, and that should work as well!

Oct 14, 08 12:58 am

just make a plane, and a new material and drop your figure in the opacity map, if your figure is a black figure on a white background then just make sue you invert the image in the map options...and boom shanka!

Oct 14, 08 6:30 am

Turbo Squid Tentacles.

Buy or search for free models to add. Watch the file sizes though, it can really kill rendering speed.

Oct 15, 08 9:33 am

if you are using any of the more recent versions of 3d studio max, go to "create", "geometry", "AEC extended", choose "foliage", and there you have your trees. Set the size, the pruning, the amount of leaf, the amount of detail, and there you have it. It's not the bitmap-approach (Which is a pain in the ass if you want it to show correctly and cast shadows), but it works.

Oct 15, 08 5:11 pm

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