do-bad architecture - the prison-industrial/slum/refugee camp complex

bruce sterling's essay in Architecture Record synthesizes several topics covered on archinect with a provocative essay worth finding in the current print edition.

megacities, end of suburbia, Eco-cities and utopia, disaster urbanism, tragedy of suburbia, architec tural activism, humanitarian architecture, the end of our civilazation, socal fires, responsible design vs masterbation, & emergency housing.

So is there hope to make the world a better place when 1/3rd of folks are living in such situations?

How can we reshape the profession of architecture/landscape architecture/urban design to address this staggering reality? or will we remain the profession for the wealthiest 1% of humanity?

How can we help cameron take architecture for humanity into this bigger realm of designing like we give a damn?

Oct 5, 08 5:44 pm

1/3? i am thinking we'll all be living Bushvilles by the mid next year. you betcha!

Oct 5, 08 6:27 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

there you go again .. say it ain't so, joe!

Oct 5, 08 7:45 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

gosh darn it!

Oct 5, 08 7:46 pm  · 

Is the essay only available in the print edition? Or am i just missing it on the link above?

Oct 5, 08 9:31 pm  · 

Never mind,
A careful reading of your post answered my own question.
I will have to find the print edition...

Oct 5, 08 9:56 pm  · 
brian buchalski

ah, but there is so much money to be made in this example, the privatization of prison made that birklund chap some $773,743 dollars in profit which only required 34 people to go to prison and only 340 average taxpayers to work their entire lives to support this scam

and just wait until we start privatizing public education en masse...the profits will be breathtaking!

Oct 6, 08 3:43 pm  · 

what some call profits could also be seen as losses

Oct 6, 08 4:14 pm  · 

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