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For visits to Princeton, NJ. Can anyone provide their own favorite travel guide suggestions for architecture, food, shops, bars, etc.? Thanks.

Sep 1, 08 10:38 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Well, the Benacerraf addition is here, as well as a series of Marcel Breuer housing at the Institute for Advance Studies.

Fallingwater is about an hour's drive to the southwest.

Princeton Record Exchage

Sep 2, 08 9:55 am  · 
Living in Gin

Fallingwater is in Philadelphia?

Sep 2, 08 9:57 am  · 

Falling Water is about a five hours drive from

Sep 2, 08 10:01 am  · 

1) One of Eisenman's early houses is in/near Princeton.

2) The new Whitman College dormitory is an interesting example of trying to make perfect looking architecture in 2005. Get ready to puke.

3) The architecture school has a nice new addition by ARO. It's also a good place to wander around if you need some ideas to steal for your own studio projects at other institutions.

4) More Venturi buildings than you can count. Most of them are really boring. Frist Campus Center and Wu Dining Hall are vaguely interesting.

5) They are currently putting a Michael Graves addition onto the front of Wilcox, which was a really cool late-modernist dining hall. The addition is pretty much gross.

6) I.M. Pei built the Spelman dorms back in the late 60's. They're kind of interesting.

7) The new science library is by Gehry. I am no Gehry-hater - I actually like a lot of what he's done in general. But this building is hella boring.

8) If you want to see some real turn of the century gothic, check out Blair Tower, Holder courtyard, or the Graduate College. For even older, go to the East Pyne Courtyard and into its library rotunda.

9) Old World Brick Oven Pizza on Nassau Street is outstanding, if you like fancy takeout pizza.

10) The Bent Spoon gelato on Palmer Square is also outstanding, if you can handle a funny-smelling and overly-hot store interior.

I only know all this because I visited a friend there for a week last hopefully I don't have any of the info wrong.

Sep 2, 08 10:12 am  · 

Nicolas covered a lot of the architecture stuff above, so I'll stick to food for now.

1. Hoagie Haven - Nassau St.
2. Zorba's (Gyros, etc.) - Nassau St., behind Thomas' Sweet
3. Triumph Brewery - Nassau, Microbrewery with a cool interior
4. Olive's - Witherspoon St.
5. Conte's Pizza- Witherspoon St.
6. PA Dutch Market- Rt. 27 in Kingston, Open Thursday- Saturday every week

A word of warning- it is really, really easy to get lost in the suburbia surrounding town. And yes, Falling Water is out in Pittsburgh, which is at least an 6 hour drive from Princeton.

Sep 2, 08 11:22 am  · 

philadelphia is about an hour to the southwest of princeton, but fallingwater is more like five hours away.

i'm a new resident, but it seems like the options for cheap food and drinks are pretty limited here. conte's pizza on witherspoon street is good, but it's a bit of a hike from the university campus. the yankee doodle tap room and alchemist & barrister offer overpriced but pretty good pub menus to go with their patently foofy names. everything seems to get cheaper as you walk east on nassau street, culminating in $1 miller high life (and better beers for $3-4) at the ivy inn.

Sep 2, 08 11:24 am  · 

Does anyone have an address for Eisenman's House I in Princeton ? I can't find it.

Sep 2, 08 3:29 pm  · 

Sep 2, 08 3:46 pm  · 

If you want fun Gehry, go to the Icahn Lab cafe to see the fish conference table.

And if you want coffee, go to Small World Coffee.

Sep 2, 08 5:10 pm  · 

small world coffee is good but hella expensive. probably 50% pricier than starbucks.

Sep 2, 08 6:08 pm  · 

Some of my favorites:

Ivy Inn - trashy but refreshingly non-Princeton bar on Nassau
Chapin (?) Resturant, - Guatemalen/Mexican
Tortugas - Mexican
Tom Yum Goong Thai Restaurant‎ - Good Thai

Can't be bothered with addresses, just google

Sep 2, 08 7:26 pm  · 
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Sorry for the bad info. about Fallingwater .... it's further than I thought. My bad :)

Sep 3, 08 12:55 pm  · 
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

And don't forget, the Princeton Battlefield.

I got a tour of the Quaker cemetery in Princeton by a faculty member when I arrived there a year ago.

The Nassau Street Fish Market.

Sep 3, 08 1:03 pm  · 

oh, smoky, the blue point grill restaurant that's part of that fish market is really good

halo pub / hale fete also has very tasty gourmet ice cream sandwiches

also, a perk to princeton is that many restaurants are byob.

Sep 3, 08 1:21 pm  · 

Does anyone know if you can take your bike on the 'Dinky' transfer train from Princeton Junction to Princeton Station or is it easier to just bike from Princeton Junction?

Sep 6, 08 12:55 pm  · 
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

I'm not sure if I've seen anyone carry a bike on to the DInky. You might be better off leaving your bike at Princeton Junction. Princeton is about a 8-10 minute drive from Princeton Junction, so you can imagine it's a bit of a bike ride.

Sep 6, 08 3:18 pm  · 
trip to fame

Graves recently did an addition to the Princeton Arts Council building.

Winberries is good for cheap beer and really good bar food.

Teresa's is supposed to be great for pasta/pizza though I've yet to try it.

Canoeing down the canal is pretty fun. Rentals off of Alexander St. for I believe $13/hour.

Sep 8, 08 5:54 pm  · 

i disagree with your praise of winberries

Sep 8, 08 6:07 pm  · 
trip to fame

Really? Bad experience or just don't like it? I don't think it's the best bar but I feel it's good considering the limited choices in town. A&B and the Ivy are also fun, though A&b, as was pointed out before, gets a little pricey.

Sep 8, 08 9:00 pm  · 

well, maybe the burgers and beers are fine, but i was a bit put off by the pseudo-applebee's interior and the pasta was quite bad.

Sep 9, 08 11:43 am  · 
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Teresa's is my secret favorite bar. It's a good place to go get a drink if every other place is crowded. I also think their food is really, really good. They make these nice pizzas there on the spot.

The $12 burgers at A&B are ridiculous.

Sep 9, 08 11:53 am  · 

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