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Many of you noticed that we briefly posted a new feature on Friday LILYPAD, A Floating Ecopolis for Ecological Refugees, and many of you have questioned its disappearance. It also appears to have been picked up by a number of blogs since we posted it.

It had come to our attention that this featured project is surprisingly similar to an earlier scheme by PLOT/JDS architects title Mermaid:

View at full size

We're going to keep the feature offline while we explore this issue further, but feel free to review both projects, as they're both quite inspiring.

Jun 16, 08 1:33 pm
liberty bell

Ooooh, intrigue!

Jun 16, 08 1:56 pm  · 
vado retro

inspiringly ugly!

Jun 16, 08 2:49 pm  · 

Is the roller coaster's energy source sustainable?

Jun 16, 08 3:00 pm  · 
liberty bell

Maybe the rollercoaster generates energy on its downslope to power it in the upslope.

Jun 16, 08 3:15 pm  · 

Yeah i wondered what happened..
If you go to Plot's website the project does look remarkably similar..

Jun 16, 08 3:40 pm  · 

yes, i was going to say it is the same as plot's dolphinarium design.

Jun 16, 08 8:53 pm  · 

glen small-turf town, los angeles 1983

big/plot-mountain dwellings, copenhagen 2006

people can think similar ideas...

Jun 16, 08 9:30 pm  · 

Wow, I remember Glenn Small... he worked in the garage of the new house-studio he and his wife designed and built in 1980 in Venice... with composting toilets and other sustainable measures.

The late '70s, now THOSE were some green years....

Jun 16, 08 10:04 pm  · 

you must also remember some of the green champions of today looked down that stuff as hippie shit... green was associated with ugly!

Jun 16, 08 10:19 pm  · 

composting toilets - now thats where its at

Jun 16, 08 10:52 pm  · 

Obivously the Playstation generation is getting into practice, this is about the 4th design over the last couple of weeks that looks clean out of Final Fantasy.

I think its hot, but highly implausible, shit though.

Jun 17, 08 9:24 am  · 

Those are some sweet ass images.....

Jun 19, 08 2:51 pm  · 

On my recent holidays I passed an awesome housing block close to Nice, and had to think about this thread:

Marina-Baie-des-Anges (1969-93) by André Minangoy

Jul 7, 08 5:52 am  · 

More images from (clipped):

Jul 7, 08 5:56 am  · 

recently stumbled across this via the "architect's websites suck" thread...not exactly the same, but similar...

foster + Partners, UAE

Jul 27, 08 7:29 pm  · 

The ideas are great! I liked all of them! Very creative.

Jun 2, 10 5:45 pm  · 

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