The Architecture Competition after big Earthquake in Sichuan, China


Reconstruction of their homes Competition


For the sake of the national competition in China, which is not proposed to be released internationally in a short time, I am trying to translate (based on google translate tool) this Chinese information into English because it is an important and meaningful competition.

Since the Big earthquake happened on May 20th, the "New Architecture" orgnization is calling for proposals to the reconstruction. The competition is free and totally-open, please let me know if you have further questions. The original webpage with more photography is:

Reconstruction of their homes in conditions in the home
Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction programme design contest

Wenchuan the worst earthquake to every Chinese heartbreaking, but more profound grief in a long time with millions of unfortunate people of the disaster. To use our wisdom to help the survivors rebuild their homes, the architecture is our mission. We extend the hand of it, to participate in such a creative activity Perhaps to soothe their grief, our hearts will also be some consolation……

Competition aims
May 12, 2008 Wenchuan earthquake caused enormous damage. As we mourn the victims at the same time, should be concerned about the millions forced to leave their homes for survivors. For the displaced persons to rebuild their homeland, this is the purpose of the contest. Reconstruction of their homes, not just temporary shock absorber housing construction, residents should be their own cultural traditions and way of life continued. The contest's theme is: to the disaster areas to provide long-term safety of future housing construction programme, and should consider the possibility of sustainable development.

The focus of concern:
How can I explain the "reconstruction of their homes," the theme of thinking how to deal with the complicated geographical conditions and environment variation; how to adapt to contemporary needs of the living and make a reasonable reconstruction; how to use renewable building materials, construction of green Their homes.

Base conditions :
participants have to collect data base by their own investigations via Internet or site-view.

Qualified entries:
at home and abroad professionals, or students of architecture and faculty. The race will not charge entry fee.

Participants have the final copyright of their works, and the "new Architecture" magazine has a copyright for publishing, ABBS Web site owners an exclusive right to press. Entries are regarded as willing to work free of charge for the reconstruction of the actual application. As for other regions or for other purposes, the specific issue of intellectual property rights by the user works with the author resolved through consultation.

Drawings require:
The site plan, floor plan, elevation, profiles, photo effects, such as maps or model. Please use the Chinese text logo(I am sorry, see if I can help if you need translation from English). A2 size, up to four pages. JPG files for electronic documents, the accuracy should be 400 dpi.

Drawing expressions should be intuitive and clear. All the information should be include in a CD-ROM in the DOC file format to specify the author's name, occupation, age and postal address.

Works selected will be invited to host well-known domestic experts selected works. The contest entries will be shortlisted for the "new construction" and ABBS magazine published on the website, and the "new construction" magazine published album Organization, the organizing committee recommended in Wenchuan in the reconstruction of earthquake-stricken area.

September 2008 and mid-shortlisted entries in the ABBS published on the website; October 2008 in the "new construction" magazine, ABBS published on the website and for the results of the winning entries displayed.

a first prize, the second four, third place 10, works for 20.
Prize money:
First Prize: RMB 16000 yuan;
Second prize: RMB 8000 yuan;
Third Honours: RMB 4000 yuan;
Award works: RMB 2000元.

Presented by the organizers a certificate and prize winners and presented in 2009 for "new construction" magazine.

Winners have the right to directly to individual prize money will be donated disaster areas.

Participants need to September 5, 2008 print works will be mounted and installed, together with the electronic documents on CD-ROM sent to design contest organizing committee designated address, or work with the organizing committee has confirmed Competition works to the designated E-mail:

Note: works in the back of the lower right corner paste the author's name, unit, address and telephone number, and covered with opaque paper.

Organizers:" China "New Architecture" magazine

Jointly organised
ABBS Building Forum

May 29, 08 7:35 pm

The deadline is: September 5, 2008, and there is no deadline for entry

May 29, 08 7:57 pm
o d b

Hi Xing,

thanks for the information! i'm living in Beijing and have been wondering how to get involved.

Jun 12, 08 6:17 am

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