G8 and London protests


protests and riot cops and arrests in London now, coinciding with something to do with the G8.  Figured there should be thread along side turkey, which is still going on.  i sort of see it as all the same, but might as well have another thread.

post-apocalyptic dystopia movies are just all the rage on the news anymore.

Jun 12, 13 11:51 am

Powers to stop and search in anticipation of violence and to require the removal of disguises have been authorised.


related to the nsa wiretaps and civil liberties discussion, that's the sort of blanket search the 4th amendment in the US was passed to protect us from.

Jun 12, 13 12:21 pm

could all just be twitter hype.  anyone near there that can say if there's much going on in london, or just a few crazy anarchists?  kind of enjoying having a conversation with myself, but if anyone else wanted to chime in that would be fine.

Jun 12, 13 12:46 pm

There are always protests at the G8.  They are always met with tear gas and rubber bullets.  

We are living in an Orwellian police state. 

As for the NSA.  This is nothing new.  The CIA and NSA has been spying on Americans since the 50s.  We live in a friendly fascist society. The corporate state merger is pretty much complete.  Anyone who defends this unconstitutional shit is a fucking traitor or a sheep.  Also proves my point that the political parties are just two heads of the same snake.

Jun 12, 13 1:09 pm
boy in a well

lessee.... I can quote ben franklin or just link this.

Jun 12, 13 2:20 pm

I see America as a really good idea that has never been fully realized.  Snowden did a really heroic thing.  The funniest thing I heard is Obama saying that its good to have this debate and then in the next sentence saying that the leak was wrong and criminal.  How do you debate what you don't know?  Lol.  I actually voted for him with some reservations, mostly because I hated romneys stupid face.  I didn't expect too much, but I did think he would be significantly better than bush.  Turns out he is just a smarter slicker version of bush. I don't blame the individuals and I believe that most of our politicians have good intentions, but the corporate and military industrial forces that really control politics are out of control.  We need to change this broken system before its too late. 

Jun 12, 13 2:37 pm

jla-x, we're more Brave New World than 1984. Huxley was far more prophetic than his erstwhile student, Orwell. Though our elites seem to be cribbing from both texts extensively these days. Somebody needs to tell them those were works of fiction, not how-to guides.

Jun 13, 13 1:21 pm

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