Flush sliding door hardware


Does anyone have a supplier for sliding door/cabinet door hardware that will allow for the door to be flush with the wall/cabinet in the closed position? Basically the door panel will have to step either forward or back and then slide out like a double pocket door.

I have found something similar to what I am looking for that works in a vertical application but I need it to work horizontally.


Mar 24, 08 8:53 am

look at nanawall

Mar 24, 08 5:33 pm

Thanks but I need something that operates more like a van door due to space requirements. (Flushed when closed, then is slides out and over.)

We are trying to conceal an entertainment center in an alcove and the custom cabinet mfgr has been absolutely no help to this point.

Mar 25, 08 8:45 am

i was thinking of some kind of magnetic pop-up closer combined with a sliding concealed hinge construction, what does the opening look like?

do you have a sketch?

maybe a combination of parts from the hafele catalogue?

Mar 25, 08 9:12 am

a touch latch

you can probably find a nice one to use in conjunction with some other hinging hardware for the door with a piano hinge for the pocket door

Mar 25, 08 9:17 am

I'm sure you could find something that would work from Hafele...

Mar 25, 08 9:20 am

accuride and rockler make some "flipper door" hardware

Mar 25, 08 9:30 am

Good news OP, after 11 years you can call your client and tell them the entertainment center is a go.

May 25, 19 10:10 pm

I've been waiting a long time, it better be.


haefele  is my go to

May 27, 19 8:14 am

Would something like this work for your application? (Cannot open the link to the sketch)

May 29, 19 8:50 pm

Quest Hardware is best to go for

May 30, 19 9:20 pm

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