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Hello Archinecters! Long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm heading to Europe for six weeks this spring, and hoping to get some input from the Archinect community as to where the good sites are. I'm a landscape architect who's particularly interested in urban design. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing as many different sites as possible. My itinerary is as follows, with potential sites listed beneath:

The Colosseum
The Pantheon
Piazza del Campo
Villa Medici at Rome
Villa Medici at Fiesole

The Acropolis


Soccer game! (assuming I live through that...)

Eiffel Tower

British Museum

Some of those are pretty obvious choices. I'd also love to see out of the way, off the beaten path type of things. Any type of historically or culturally significant landscape, architecture, or urban design would be of interest to me.

Post away!

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

Mar 22, 08 12:28 pm

You need these books:

A&D Paris

le Cool Changed My Life: A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona

Mar 22, 08 1:57 pm  · 

Come to Holland. If you're interested in 'modern' landscape arch and urbanism. Check West8 on the web and plan a tour along their projects, also to see the failures can be helpful, go to Almere Holland's urbanism experiment from like 80's garden city stuff to 21st century starchitecture attempts by Sanaa, OMA, Alsop etc. And go to Rótterdam, home of OMA & MVRDV among others and check e.g. R'dam Kop v. Zuid (walk across UN Studio's Erasmusbridge). And go to Amsterdam, skip the red-light bullshit and coffeeshops but go to the new developments in the Ij-river, like KNSM and Java islands and Borneo Sporenburg (masterplan West 8)

anyhow if you're into urbanism and landscape architecture, you have to come to Holland, it's all man-made/designed.

Mar 22, 08 2:31 pm  · 
Ron Nichols


Álvaro Siza Vieira
Portuguese Pavilion (Lisbon)
Parque Atlântico (Vila do Conde)
Marginal de Leça da Palmeira (Matosinhos)
Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Casa da Musica (Porto)
Parque Urbano Quinta da Alagoa (Carcavelos)
Entrada Poente do Parque Mondego (Coimbra)
Parque de São Romão (Leiria)


It's gorgeous in the pictures, but it's even better in person...

Mar 22, 08 3:56 pm  · 

I second Portugal.

If you are going to be in London, defiantly see the Tate Modern Museum and St. Paul's Cathedral.

Between France and Italy you must stop in Switzerland to see Peter Zumthor's buildings and the Swiss Alps.

Therme Bathe in Vals
St. Benedict Chapel in Somvitg
Kunsthaus Musuem in Bregenz (Alright this one is actually in Austria but just over the border from Switzerland)

Mar 22, 08 6:44 pm  · 

helsinki is a good can walk across the city within 15 minutes. holl's contemporary art museum is pretty cool and lots of aalto stuff around

Mar 22, 08 7:07 pm  · 

Make sure to visit Sagrada Familia when in Barcelona.

Mar 22, 08 7:38 pm  · 

I'm still workin' on it but here's some stuff in Barcelona:

not the best season for seeing Barça at Camp Nou really... Ronaldinho is in another planet, Messi is in Argentina injured, Henry doesn't look at all like the Henry that played in Arsenal, .. and Rijkard is losing all his credit, especially this week after Valencia has kicked us out of the Cup final

Mar 22, 08 8:37 pm  · 
Ron Nichols

@Medit all you need is...

the Special One.

Mar 23, 08 5:23 am  · 

We call it football over here ;-)

Mar 24, 08 4:05 am  · 

Check out Wien, Budapest, Praha, Berlin.

Mar 24, 08 9:06 am  · 

- Barcelona
- Madrid and Toledo
- Sevilla
- Valencia
- Bilbao

Maybe some smaller countries
- Andorra
- Monaco
- San Marino
- Luxembourg
- Liechtenstein

Mar 25, 08 4:45 am  · 

Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. My itinerary is set, so I'll be sticking to the cities listed in the first post. I'll have to save the other ideas for another trip!

Mar 25, 08 8:34 am  · 

I'm heading to Polan in May via Germany/London|Heathrow

Mar 25, 08 10:14 am  · 

Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion.

Oct 2, 22 8:20 pm  · 

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