anyone can help me to get some info about this "thingy"?


Hello there, I was just wondering if anyone could me out with any information about this kind of "sliding iron thingy". like if there is any details about this kind of tech., any "formal" name, detailed drawings of it?? I would really appreciate it, thanks. =)

May 3, 13 11:25 pm

Also, you're welcome.

May 22, 13 1:16 am
vado retro

iron? that's so, 2000 years ago.

May 22, 13 10:53 am

^ 3,000 +

May 22, 13 11:37 am
chatter of clouds

I suspect the "iron thing" is a language thing. by iron, I reckon he means metal. for instance, in prosaic non-literal/technical arabic, hadid (pronounced ḥadeed: yes, as in zaha hadid) can stand for metal, steel or iron even though it accurately stands for iron.

May 22, 13 11:50 am
t a z

"formal" name = shutters.  

The ones in your example appear to be motor operated (i.e. actuated) and user controlled (i.e. not part of any building automation system).

The facade:
The facade is to be understood as a new feature in the urban space, which by the depth of Design and structure of the material the style of highly articulated facades of Environment reinterpreted. Like a curtain swing the laterally movable and folding shutters on the house facade and extend to behind the building. you can be operated individually and entirely opened or closed folds in which Day course of an interplay between the sun and the colored translucent Main facade is created. The contour of the façade is the dominant feature of the design and emphasizes the eaves and the socket. Interpreted the depth of the facade with open sun protection elements the rich structure of the neighboring Start Time facades.

May 22, 13 7:58 pm

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