dalhousie BEDS anticipation


with only 2 more weeks to go, is anyone else who applied to dal anxious about the results?

Apr 21, 13 3:04 am


Apr 21, 13 5:54 am

yes. Good luck to you kavvyr. 

May 4, 13 9:16 pm

I'm antsy. Good luck to you both as well!

May 5, 13 3:57 pm

Anybody else starting at Dal in January?? I'm trying to figure out when to move (and where!)


May 6, 13 1:18 pm

January? Doesn't the program start in september?

May 6, 13 11:31 pm

yes it does... I'm confused. do you advanced standing or something?

May 7, 13 9:34 am

I'm going into Masters in May (2014) but I have to take an extra term cause my undergrad is from another school...

May 7, 13 10:31 am

Ooooh, ok, we're referring to the undergrad still, but hopefully see you there!

May 7, 13 11:43 am

oswald, what school did you complete your undergrad in?

May 7, 13 10:57 pm

Manitoba, b. environmental design

May 8, 13 10:10 am

Got my acceptance call/email today! Best of luck to you guys if you are still waiting. 

May 9, 13 7:56 pm

any luck oswald?

May 9, 13 9:58 pm

I'd say my luck is pretty good in general, but I still don't know when I'm moving if thats what you mean :)

May 13, 13 10:16 am

Hey oswald, what did you think of Manitoba? Is there a particular reason why you're switching over to dal or just a change of scenery? I'm trying to get some insight into the program because I got into both AMP1 and BEDS. I wasn't expecting admission into AMP1 and the program head called me up and told me they're very interested in taking me so I'm giving it a look-over now. Any candid thoughts, things you didn't expect, etc? One thing that concerns me is the "practical" side of things -- the student catalog from 2007 looks really cool but very artsy, I wonder how I'm going to fare getting internships and such if I do go.

May 13, 13 11:37 am

Hey gual,

Lots of reasons I'm not going back to U of M, change of scenery is definitely one of them. I'll try to sum up my thoughts on the program...

The Good: In general the program is far more focused on the theoretical, "out there" type projects (expect to hear the word "narrative" way too much), but you choose your own studio prof and there are a handful who do more practical, real-world type projects. I was honestly happy with all the profs I had, and learned a lot from all of them in different ways. That being said, I think no matter how good of a relationship you have with a prof, you will inevitabely hate them after a year of studio work...The CAST facility is worth checking out, some very interesting research done there that students can get involved in (a bit cliquey mind you, Mark West is like the resident prophet)...Overall I had a very good experience there, just felt I needed a new experience for Masters.

The Bad: I can't say that the focus on the theoretical is a bad thing, but its definitely a big reason why I chose not to do my masters at the U of M. If you are truly more interested in the practical side of architecture, than the program at Manitoba may not suit you. Personally, I was frustrated after my undergrad with the lack of practical, nuts-and-bolts type education, so much that I started doing grunt-labour type construction after my degree. I ended doing it for about 4 years and learned way more about how buildings actually get built than I ever would have in architecture school, but I think all schools are like that. Do check out the current faculty and what they're researching to give you a sense if it interests you, if not you may want to stay away.

The Ugly: The campus is nice, but its location sucks. If you end up choosing U of M, I highly recommend living away from campus, close to downtown. Osborne Village-Corydon is a lively, walkable neighborhood for students and an easy bus ride to the campus. I know living close to the school seems important but honestly, the bus ride home late at night is a good time to clear your head and where I came up with some of my best ideas...Winnipeg is a great city. Spend some time away from school, check out the music scene, meet good people and you'll benefit way more.

Hope this helps some, good luck!!


May 13, 13 12:25 pm

Congrats to kingmax. I haven't heard back yet, is anyone else still waiting? I guess at this stage it's best to hope for the wait-list, since all the acceptances have gone out yet. I want to call, but the website says specifically not to call regarding admission results. 

@Oswald, beginning of January is a good time to find a place since some people will move following the fall term. Typically leases start in May or Sept, so your best bet is to sublet until May. Halifax is a university town so it tends to follow the school year. The Sexton campus is right downtown, so that would be where I would recommend looking, cheaper options are available in the North End of the Halifax peninsula, which is fairly accessible via bus/bike and is becoming increasingly trendy. 

May 13, 13 10:50 pm

i haven't heard back yet either tawny hopefully we made the waitlist. are you a second year student entering 3rd year? i dont think they have my final marks yet for the full 20 credits and im not sure if i should send them in or not

May 13, 13 11:20 pm

No, I have a four year bachelor degree. I would send in your marks, because even though they already made their decision, if you're accepted it would be conditional on the completion of the 20 credits. You can always ask the office.

I was just hypothesizing that they send out acceptances first. Now that I think about it, they might notify in a different order like alphabetically or by when they received the application. 

May 14, 13 1:38 am

Thanks Tawny!

May 14, 13 10:23 am

Thanks a lot, oswald. It seems to me like it would've been great to go to UofM for undergrad but it's a tricky call when it comes to doing AMP there since the main draw (working by hand, "artsy" out-there projects) is not really... Practical. I'm ok with not practicing Arch in the traditional sense, but it might be a little overboard.

May 14, 13 4:28 pm

Seems like quite a few applied. Anyone else still waiting on a verdict? 

May 15, 13 11:23 am

I'm still waiting! Last time I applied there were 280 applicants, but not sure how many this year.

May 15, 13 11:24 am

I resisted calling but could not resist no more and called Susanna yesterday...she said she will try her best to let everyone know by the end of this week. Good on you guys for not calling her, it sounds like she received about hundred calls by lunch time, poor lady.

The confirmation e-mail from Susanna she sent in March regarding receipt of application package...said that they hope to let everyone know by mid May. Which technically is no need to worry too much...yet. Good luck to those also still waiting for the call!

May 15, 13 12:02 pm

I just got an email today saying that I'm on the high waiting list. I guess from this point on they will start notifying people on the waiting lists. 

By checking the thread from last year


 it seems that high waiting listed people don't get accepted until early to mid July. 

Good luck everyone!

May 15, 13 3:17 pm

I just got my e-mail today letting me know i too am on the high wait list. Based on the thread from last year chances are good for waitlisters in general.

May 16, 13 11:07 am

Just got my email today:

"Your application is currently on a wait list.  If any of the 60 accepted students declines the offer of admission, the next person on the wait list will be offered a place in the program.   In previous years, most students on the wait list eventually were offered a place."

Does this mean I'm on the general wait-list?

May 16, 13 11:12 am

I got my acceptance email from Suzanna for the BEDS program on Friday May 17! Pretty excited, though I'm waiting for the package to arrive in the mail.

May 19, 13 3:38 pm

I also was accepted to the BEDS program! I heard from Suzanna on Friday and I hope to see some of you next fall in Halifax! 

May 20, 13 11:45 pm

Anyone here looking for a roommate perchance?

Jun 12, 13 6:27 pm

Anyone (going into BEDS) in Halifax over the summer?

Jun 12, 13 7:30 pm

I might arrive in Halifax mid-August. Don't have an apartment or anything lined up yet. Still a little undecided whether I should go here vs manitoba or calgary but feeling like 95% sure.

Jun 13, 13 1:04 pm

I'll be heading out there in August, just before classes start. I am looking for roommates and housing advice and also a way of getting some stuff shipped out from Victoria, BC. I hear the north end is a little grittier and a little more real and only a 20 minute fast walk to Dal. I prefer the run-down, the aged, and the lived-in, with wood-all-over, built-ins, wainscotting, claw-foots, and gas-burner stoves. Is this kind of abode common in Halifax?

Jun 16, 13 8:44 pm

I'm coming from Van, sometime around mid to late august. Still contemplating housing options. If anyone is looking for a roommate, you can give me a shout at Chuddy- if you find a place under 500/month with claw-foots, wainscoting, high ceilings etc, I'm totally in! 

Jun 18, 13 12:17 am

I'm reaching around the end of August, probably right before I'd have to move into a place. Ideally I'd be within a 10 minute walk to the Sexton Campus - If anyone is looking for a roommate, hit me up!

Jun 18, 13 6:13 pm

Don't got to this school. It is terrible. If you'd like to pay for over-priced classes, disorganization in studio curriculums and dilapidated facilities... then Dalhousie is the place for you! I would highly suggest avoiding this dated program at all costs.

Jun 23, 13 10:39 am

I've heard this from others as well ThatKid. I think I am going to look elsewhere. Did you attend or is this just what you have heard as well?

Jun 23, 13 9:09 pm

I'm curious what ThatKid's sources are and if there are any specific (read: more elaborate discourse of) things he disliked about it. Neutrally, of course.

Jun 23, 13 9:16 pm

If anyone wants to meet up before school, I already live in Halifax, so give me a message on here or at Would save a lot of time if each of us knew (a bit) a group of people before any major project. I don't think three days of orientation is enough really for that.

Jun 23, 13 10:58 pm

^ ^ Typically there is enough drinking during orientation to get all met-up with your classmates. It is, after all, in the heart of Halifax.

Jun 23, 13 11:05 pm

I think I may just stick it out in rez for the first semester. Is that wise? (Apparently I need justification right now since rez is the most convenient solution to my wee housing crisis). 

I was thinking Glengary since I probably won't make it into Grad House. Whats the dirt on them?

And if you're looking for a roommate, you can contact me at shalini.makdani@

Jun 24, 13 12:14 am

ThatKid, would you like to get more specific? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the program since you feel so strongly. Many people I talk to say that this program is quite well-regarded, do you think it's a case of a school riding on its name?

Jun 24, 13 3:37 pm

Also looking for roommates and starting in September- if anyone is still looking message me at  Chuddy and kingmax  if you find something in the north end I would definitely be into sharing especially 500/under with claw foot tubs!

Jun 25, 13 9:18 pm

I didn't realize this school was so pro-claw foot tubs....kind of regretting my decision...

Jun 26, 13 12:53 pm

"More real" is a pretty funny descriptor for a neighbourhood. Did you mean more poor? Poorly kept? Older? More expensive to heat and maintain?  If you want old, most homes in the North End aren't very. The explosion did a number on that side of the peninsula so most (ex. Hydrostone) were built in the 1920s or later. The Hydrostone used to be pretty poor too but that's been changing, you've probably seen property managers selling you on how up-and-coming it is. Also it would have to be a pretty fast walk to make it to school in 20 minutes.

Jun 27, 13 9:18 pm

Maybe 'real' is just a point in time when a place has aged well. Freshly built places (and all new things) just don't seem as immediately real. And, yes, a dose of grit (all of those things you mentioned) adds to the reality. Are safe places really real? Gated communities? Resort-town disney lands like Whistler and Banff? Tidy neighbourhoods with mandated earth tone colour schemes and a ban on outdoor clotheslines? (I'm working on a project near Whistler right now, so this silly resort-town architecture is on my mind lately...)

I don't know anything about Halifax neighbourhoods yet. Just seeing what the word on the street is. Claw foot tubs are a marker of time... a symbol of the full package - wainscotting, those little hexagon floor tiles, dark wood trim, etc... (until they ruin it by installing modern baseboard heaters!) I much prefer it to the "contempo" alternative (great catch-all term! I'm very curious to find out what Halifax has to offer.

Anyone familiar with Victoria or Vancouver? Where is the Fernwood/Mount Pleasant/Commercial Drive/Strathcona of Halifax? Where is the Cook Street Village? And where is the Yaletown (so I can avoid it). Anyone have the lowdown on who hangs out where and what kind of people live in the different neighbourhoods? 

Kingmax/shalinimak/ogherman: My email is drop me a line if you find something interesting and I will do the same.

So far my moving plan is to send my stuff out in 60 lb boxes via Canada Post (about $50/each)... anyone have a better way?

Jun 28, 13 2:06 am

Well my first concerns are price and distance to the architecture building. Then it's safety, followed by character of the neighbourhood. aesthetics are an added bonus really.

Jun 29, 13 4:23 am
sam goods

2 chuddy:

Commercial, Mount Pleasant = North End around Agrocola St. and west of it.

There is no Yaletown in Halifax. South End (by Point Pleasant park) would be closer to Point Grey or Dunbar. 

Anywhere between Quinpool Rd and Main campus is student ghetto 

Jun 29, 13 2:45 pm

I'm looking for a roommate as well! I'll be coming from Victoria for September 1st and I won't have a lot of stuff so anything that's already furnished would be preferable. Although, I agree with shalinimak, price and distance to the campus are my two main deciding factors right now. If anyone is interested in getting in touch, you can reach me at 

Jul 2, 13 7:08 pm

Is anyone in Halifax right now and want to meet?

Jul 2, 13 7:17 pm

Anyone on the wait list hear anything yet?

Jul 3, 13 5:51 am

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