What style of architecture is this house?


I have searched the Internet and cannot figure out what style this house is. Is it a craftsman? Thank you for any help.

Apr 9, 13 10:54 pm

It's not a craftsman.  The rooflines would be flatter and the gables would be more pronounced. 

It's an eclectic bungalow of sorts.  Even the windows are all over the map.  The rectangular windows on the front, level one, are sort of craftsman.  The huge segmental arch-topped windows, level one, are from a remodel and the proportions are odd, but that element has a French etymology, IMO.  The small window up in the gable end looks original.  The bargeboard is from some historical style (Queen Anne, who knows).  Someone didn't tell the painter NOT to paint the chimney.

What part of the country is this in?  I'm thinking Cleveland or Pittsburgh.  Close?

Apr 9, 13 11:12 pm

Rebel, why do you want to know? Because your reason for finding out is important to how most here will frame their answers, in part because it's not clearly one single style.

Apr 9, 13 11:14 pm

Puritan Revival or country gothic

Apr 10, 13 12:36 am

the big arched windows appear to be part of a screened in porch that may have originally been open.  it's possible the arched windows came later.  if that's the case i would think it's not unlikely the siding and that small arched window in the gable were added at that time.

as far as style i would say there is none.  unless you like it.  then i would say it's just awesomesauce.  my suspicion is that you want to flip the house and giving it a style makes it more marketable?  hard to beat 'awesomesauce' on a brochure.

Apr 10, 13 7:37 am

I love the gigantic fireplace and chimney looming over the front porch.  It's like an architectural armed guard...

Apr 10, 13 9:39 am

That's a nice reading, citizen.  I',m sure I'll frequently see chimneys as guards now.

Apr 10, 13 10:09 am

Where is it and when was it built?

Apr 10, 13 10:12 am

Thanks, Donna.  It's such an unusual composition across the front: big window, big gable, fireplace, front door at the end.  I'm intrigued...

Apr 10, 13 10:58 am

Suburban developer special.

Apr 10, 13 2:27 pm


Yep, I've seen them interspersed in the housing stock in small towns in ID, UT, NV, and CO.  I looked up "country gothic home" and it also indicated their presence throughout the U.S.  Interesting.  Some parts of the house hint at the house shown in the painting "American Gothic."

Apr 10, 13 5:16 pm

LOL, last time I comment on a photo from my phone.

Looks like an addition that pukes over the top (wrong pitch and triangular window), and those big arch windows were clearly added later. Also the paint or skim coat on the chimney isn't original.

Apr 10, 13 6:21 pm

Well, one historical style fed another in Europe, and then were imported to the US, either as a whole or eclectically.

I've always maintained the "rule of thumb" that a round-headed window had an Italianate origin and that a segmental arch top window had a French origin ... thinking about the prevalence of that in Paris or even on Montreal's City Hall.  Maybe I'm being simplistic.

I think country gothic about nails it.  The only question I have is about the location of the house.  I was looking at the vegetation for a clue.

Apr 10, 13 7:36 pm
won and done williams

American hodgepodge

Apr 10, 13 10:53 pm

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