Degrees That Won't Help You Get A Job... #1 is....


Didn't this one get posted a while back?  Anyway, all of these kinds of studies should be taken with a grain of salt because you don't know the methodology, etc.  While I am pessimistic about the profession (I even think the 13.9% unemployment rate they show for architects is probably understated), it is certainly not the number one worthless degree.  There is a tangible job skill attached to it.  They make it sound about as practical as majoring in music theory.  C'mon guys!

Apr 1, 13 9:33 am

Yea similar article came out late last yr. I believe it.

2009 graduate w/no job right here...

Apr 1, 13 11:20 am

Makes you wonder why so many people here are discussing $100k grad school loans ...

Apr 1, 13 11:36 am

Architects have a death wish.

Apr 1, 13 12:46 pm

Miles, these kids don't know what they are getting into. I would not in a million years drop 100k on a architectural grad school! I got lucky with the cheap tuition at a local state school with a respectful staff. 

Apr 1, 13 4:18 pm

Yahoo has had articles like this almost monthly for the last year or so. They just regurgitate the same article over and over and try to pass it off as real journalism.

Apr 1, 13 9:19 pm

The article also gets re-published on here monthly; I believe this is the 6th time I've seen a Yahoo article referencing that specific Georgetown University study. If you want to ACTUALLY get informed, why not ACTUALLY read the study?

Scrolling down to the bottom you would see that the data is from 2009-10, in the height of the recession that hit architecture disproportionately. Yahoo! articles don't seem to have much more journalistic integrity than some better tabloids as far as I'm concerned...

Apr 1, 13 9:42 pm

not to sound cocky, but i really can't relate to this article.. it has been really easy for me to get an architectural job.. and yes i will be attending graduate school at Columbia, but i was granted a full ride.

i really can't stand these redundant articles.

note to future B.Arch undergrads:  ignore the article and follow your dream :) remember to network! network! network!

Apr 1, 13 11:35 pm

Yahoo education articles are advertisements for online universities. They're written to persuade people to obtain degrees that are offered online. Thus: architecture bad, business good.

Apr 1, 13 11:48 pm

Oh well, look at the bright side.  If it discourages even one kid from trying to be an architect, it will help hold down the supply of competitors until some kind of an equilibrium can be reached, if it ever is.

Apr 2, 13 10:44 am

Judging by all the "which college" threads on archinect, it's not having much effect. You'd think they'd take a little time to research their chosen profession, even if it's just reading a few threads here ...

Apr 2, 13 1:14 pm

Miles:  I hear ya.  I had the exact same thought.  It's like debating which side of the ship you want your stateroom on instead of making sure the name "Titanic" isn't printed on the bow.

Apr 2, 13 1:28 pm

Lovely metaphor, geezer.

Apr 2, 13 4:04 pm

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