RISD or Sci-Arc?


Hello everyone.

I got acepted into the undergraduate program of both RISD and Sci-Arc.

i'm a foreign student therefore i find it quite hard to get "inside intel" in order to make the right choice.

i don't consider the national ranking as a factor because i know it doesn't reflect the real picture about each school.

Can you help me to get the right evaluation of each program?

I'm clueless and i dont know what to choose!


thanks a lot!

Apr 1, 13 9:41 am

Hi, I am a foreign student too, and I also get accepted into B.Arch in SCI-Arc.

I think the general comment of Sci-Arc is like pretty good school, firm undergraduate program, but FREAKING EXPENSIVE...

I guess the two most different thing between SCI-Arc an RISD should be:

! Location: SCI-Arc- LA, big city        RISD: Small town???

2. Style: SCI-Arc: Digital, Computional architecuture?        RISD: Art, more drawing?

These are just my superficial view, i am wondering that is here any current SCI-Arc student can share your experience with us?  

Thank you.

Apr 1, 13 3:22 pm

thank you kevin.

the thing is that although sic-atc undergrad program is ranked pretty much at the top of the table i haven't managed to find a single review on the web that says it a good place to achieve a bachelor.

is there anyone else who can help me with my crucial decision?

thank you all!

Apr 4, 13 4:13 am

Sci-arc is a great school, but for an undergrad RISD as an art school rather than only an architecture school would have the advantage of potentially exposing you to a wider range of subject areas. You can also take other liberal arts classes outside of art/architecture at Brown. I'm not sure how much time/ how many available course slots you would have for that in your architecture student schedule, but it's worth considering.

Apr 6, 13 12:46 am

thanks a lot snall!

But I still find it hard to get a specific review about sci arc's undergrad program.

everyone say its a great one, but what are its advantages regarding RISD's for instance?

Apr 7, 13 4:07 am

Go to risd it is probably the most respected art school in the world. You will take a foundation year of studio arts which will help you later on in any design field. The ability to take courses at Brown is great. You are close to New York and only 50 min from Boston. Sci arc is just an architecture school I would not recommend it for a undergrad go to risd meet other non architectural students and have fun with the little time you are not chained to your studio desk. You want to experience college and meet people which is just as important as doing well in architecture school, you can always go to sci arc as a graduate student if its not out of your system by then.

Apr 7, 13 9:39 am


thank you for your input.

the thing is I'm already 21 years old already - and I'm just about to start my first bachelor,

so i don't know if this college-ville environment  is my cup of tea....

im looking for a cosmopolitan sorrounding in order to find my niche...  

in not disqualifying RISD; I'm just more trying to find a clue about what the industry thinks about sic-arc.....

what do you know about sic-arc's undergrad program? will it supply me the tools i need to become a decent architect? 

is there any fundamental lack in their curriculum? 

thank you very much!


Apr 8, 13 11:48 am

SCIARC is an amazing school, but a lot of what shimmyshaw says is correct, you will be chained to your studio desk, and thrown head first into one of the most progressive educations in architecture there is, the quality of work you will produce will be second to none (if you passion is experimentation in the digital age), the abilities you will gain will be hard to match, and if you work hard you can make great connections at SCIARC. But you do give up a lot, you give up a lot of your life and social connections, which is not a good thing, it is a tough thing to balance. I think the ones who succeed the most are people who are a little older in SCIARC, in the mid 20's. 

Apr 15, 13 10:17 am

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