hospital design and infection prevention


hi all!, this is my first time to post in Archinet, and i am happy for that.

i'm preparing my PhD and it is about key design indicators and infection control in hospitals.

i am asking about 2 issues:

1. can you give me any clue about what are the most pressing design parameters (architectural design nor HVAC and mechanical design ) that may contribute to the incidence of infection. is there any known case studies for that?

2. can you tell me about links for communities or forums or universities that are interested in such topic?

Mar 7, 13 2:43 pm

i believe negative pressure in hospital rooms is a big thing.  get staff to wash their hands a lot.  i heard of a place that hire monitors to be sure everyone washes their hands, from the top surgeon down to the lowest janitor (i think it was on npr), because of this thing;

you can read about related prevention here:

i think your best source for prevention of infectious disease is of course:

Mar 7, 13 4:04 pm

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