Summer Housing in NYC

Less than three months after returning from co-op in Los Angeles, I've been presented with the opportunity to spend my last co-op at a great firm in SoHo this summer. I lived in or near New York off-and-on for almost ten years before moving to Cincinnati in 2010, so in many ways NYC is at least as much of a hometown to me as Cincinnati, and I'm looking forward to heading back there and getting reacquainted with the city, as well as reconnecting with some old friends. I'm also looking at this as a chance to lay the groundwork for a possible permanent move back to NYC once I'm done with my M.Arch. degree at DAAP next year.

Before I do any of that stuff, though, I need to find a place to live for the summer. As a battle-scarred veteran of several NYC housing searches, I know firsthand how daunting that can be. This time, my needs are simple: I basically just need a clean, quiet, furnished bedroom from May through August for less than $1000/mo. I'm not too picky about location as long as it's near the subway and within, say, a 40-minute commute to SoHo and within walking distance of basics like grocery stores, places to eat, etc.

If you know of anything or know of anybody who does, please get in touch. Thanks in advance...

Mar 3, 13 4:40 pm

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