Early Modern Facades in Bangkok!!! No one care!!!


In Bangkok, These old men since early modern period have been forgotten by people. No one care.. No one want to conserve!!! But I love them.

Dec 7, 07 3:04 pm

Ok!! now I hope it's bigger

Srifuengfung Building

By iaakuza at 2007-12-07

Nightingale-Olympic Building - The first department store of Thailand (1930)

By iaakuza at 2007-12-07

SuanMali Building

By iaakuza at 2007-12-07

Dec 7, 07 3:14 pm  · 
le bossman

ooooh. that suanmali one is niiiice. thanks for posting.

Dec 7, 07 3:18 pm  · 
John Cline


Dec 7, 07 3:49 pm  · 
John Cline


Dec 7, 07 3:51 pm  · 

they're nice - keep them up

Dec 7, 07 4:01 pm  · 

are these specific examples in danger?

Dec 7, 07 4:29 pm  · 
brian buchalski

bangkok? those are so could anybody want to damage them? how could they even dare??????

Dec 7, 07 4:36 pm  · 

love them, had never seen them... give us more info! same questions, are those specifically in danger?!?! details please!

Dec 7, 07 7:55 pm  · 

iaakuza, i followed the trail to your website, i'll post some links since they answer some of the questions we're asking:

the iaakuza chronicles

facades of modern period in bangkok, skyscraper city forum

is beauty only skin deep, skyscraper city forum

[on the last one, skip directly to the last images]

Dec 7, 07 8:03 pm  · 

love them too, the SuanMali Building looks brand new, is this a recent picture?

Dec 7, 07 8:05 pm  · 

R u kidding me.....those are fantastically beautiful.

Thanks to iaakuza, and aml (email) for letting us see these beautiful structures. Lets hope that they will not be destroyed.

Dec 7, 07 8:17 pm  · 


Dec 7, 07 10:36 pm  · 

Thank you for all interests and comments...

According to Jo from skyscrapercityForum, He said that "I agree, that is worth preserving, but it will probably end up as yet another anonymous flat glass/painted concrete facade."

It always happens in BKK especially with non-public building because the prosperous real-estate development here are so massive and fast and in general people here don't think old stuffs are COOL. Moreover the location of each examples has a very high land price so it's not hard to guess what is going to happen soon. And the strong evidence is I never seen any wonderful facade located in non-conservation area here is kept properly. Most were torn down without care.

to John Cline : I'm sorry for my wrong spell. I don't know exactly about a name of that building but It's located in the area called SuanMarli near China town..

Nightingale-Olympic Building is a grandpa with 79 yrs. - China Town District

I really don't know the age of buildings but my dad he moves to bangkok for 40 yrs already and claimed that he saw all these since he's been here.

to Aml: thanks for links. I have the problem with photobucket lately that's why I skipped it.. but now I uploaded to flickr already
If I know more informations, I will add later.

to Puddles : I agree with you could they even dare??????

Intra Regent Hotel - about 40 yrs. Look at that durian-shape facade !!!
It's near Biyok Tower in Pratunam District (Watergate)

more photo of srifuengfung by Jo (SkyscraperCity) - Rama IV road

Dec 7, 07 11:11 pm  · 

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