our boy Oscar Niemeyer turns 100


...on Dec 15th.

Any NYC archintecters want to get together to celebrate the fact that he's still alive and working?

Conveniently, 12/14 is a Friday, so we can actually be drunk as the clock strikes midnight.

or am I being to presumptuous in assuming anyone would want to celebrate this occasion?

At least 5 or 6 of you out there knew this was coming, since I've mentioned it at a few NYC archinect meetups. but now it's time to make the dream a reality.

I'm down for the Lower East, East Village...wherever cheap booze is.

lets hear your thoughts.

Dec 7, 07 11:19 am

Viva La Oscar!

Dec 7, 07 11:20 am

it could be a intnational holiday - the original day of the dead

I'll celebrate in spirit dressed in my architecture sucks t-shirt

Dec 7, 07 3:13 pm
brian buchalski

yikes...i hope this thread doesn't jinx'd be a shame if he were to die this week.

Dec 7, 07 3:29 pm

i can make it after work

Dec 8, 07 12:46 pm
Living in Gin

I'd be happy to join in, but my firm's holiday party is that evening. Maybe afterwards if I'm not too drunk.

Dec 8, 07 3:34 pm

come on you clowns. you can do better than that.
i need more yes's.

See, puddles, having a party to celebrate his life/living won't jinx him. What will jinx his is when no one shows up for his party.

So, LIG, Apurimac, you're in.

Dec 8, 07 4:01 pm

i think i c

Dec 9, 07 6:27 pm

Untangling fingers....and trying again....I think I might be able to talk
my Brazilian wife this is worth a trip to she needs a reason.
There was a great article in OGlobo about his 100 years of contribution to the World. So do keep us I need to make arangements for our dogs if were coming to NCY! Gin-man you best be there.

Dec 9, 07 6:33 pm

I'm calling the VET for the dogs tomorrow....even if it is a small gathering figure we will be there....Oscar is da Man!

Dec 9, 07 6:34 pm

Oscar....well he makes Brad Pitt look like a chump!

There is a time line of photos of him during his life. It is worth peeking at even if you don't speak Portugese. All of the other stuff
is also worth viewing even if you don't speak Portugese.....the visuals are fantastic.

Happy happy Oscar!

Dec 9, 07 6:41 pm

turn on the sound!

Dec 9, 07 6:42 pm

snooker, glad you're going to make it.

great site, wish I spoke Portuguese though.

Dec 9, 07 11:45 pm

if i was in NY, i'd be there...last year i saw the recently completed auditorio ibirapuera, and i admire how he manages to push himself at 100...slide show link below...the first few images are of the park...scroll down for building images;

oscar is a pimp!

Dec 11, 07 1:34 pm

holy smokes simples, that building is unreal.

So, where are we doing this thing? ...anyone remember the name of that bar we all met up at in June or July...somewhere in Chinatown? I like that place, but I can't remember the name.

Dec 11, 07 1:45 pm

the good world

Dec 11, 07 1:48 pm
simples's just as strong of an's right next to his "oca" building in ibirapuera park:

if anyone in detroit wants to do something, let me know...

i was just thinking, vado retro should time his 10,000 comment with niemeyer's 100th birthday...

Dec 11, 07 1:57 pm
Living in Gin

Have we set have a time and place?

Dec 11, 07 2:12 pm

8pm the Good World...? (thanks futureboy)

does that work? I was thinking that gives us all enough time to meet, drink and celebrate the man, and then head out to whatever other plans we all had.

I'm open for ideas though. I just made up that time and place.

Dec 11, 07 4:04 pm

Simples, it kills me that I don't speak Portuguese.

Also, I'm a flickr nut, so I've been getting my fix by looking at other peoples' photos. just search for niemeyer. check it out.

Dec 11, 07 4:08 pm
Living in Gin

If I make it, I'll probably be arriving a bit later in the evening. As I mentioned, my firm's holiday party is after work that day.

Somebody may need to send me a text message if the group decides to head to another venue after Good World.

Dec 11, 07 4:20 pm
simples a previous thread, there was a link a while ago of a small documentary (in english, I think) on niemeyer...really good stuff...i couldn't find it for you is some info on the auditorium bldg. in english...

ps. if you learn portuguese, you will be able to learn spanish and then italian quickly afterwards...

Dec 11, 07 6:02 pm

simples - is that the french docu you're referring to? the one that starts off with niemeyer landing the MAC saucer in rio? if so, it used to be on google video somewhere.

interesting that there's such a following for o.m. here

cue portrait in latest issue of in 032c ( - picture on wall over his desk right at eye level sums up niemeyer (and rio) so brilliantly. more so than any long winded pre-obit piece.

btw, no need to worry about his legacy. the man is legend in his own country almost to the point where i felt a bit "niemeyer-ed" out at times whilst visiting.

Dec 11, 07 9:33 pm

savedbytech...that was the one...still can't find it...i had it bookmarked for a while...
you are right about him being a legend in Brazil...almost to the point of having the general public's carte blanche; that's why i am always trying to mention some other brazilian modernists here as often as i know...Alfonso Eduardo Reidy, Villanova Artigas, Lina Bo Bardi, and 2006 Pritzker Paulo Mendes da Rocha...

hmmm...looking back at that list, no wonder i like me some concrete!

Dec 12, 07 2:45 pm

Simples, thanks for the link.

I do speak Spanish, but when I try to understand Portuguese I always end up with really bizarre translations to things.

I actually saw the French docu. It was weird at best. I wished I could have had the stills to look at, instead of being forced to pause on every cool image.

Party update. There are two confirmed archinect babes who are going to be there Friday night. They're readers, but not mysterious.

Just a reminder: 8PM, Good World.

If you're reading this, but you don't show up, I'm going to personally blame you in 50 years when Oscar finally dies at his drafting table...of a broken heart

Dec 13, 07 12:21 pm

that's...8PM, Good World, FRIDAY night

Dec 13, 07 12:26 pm

I will make a solid attempt. i don't need my conscious clouded.

Dec 13, 07 12:44 pm
Living in Gin

Have you contacted AP and larslarson? They live in NYC and might be interested. The thread title doesn't make it obvious that we're talking about a NYC meet-up.

Actually, larslarson will probably be at Good World, anyway. :)

Dec 13, 07 2:26 pm

good call.

Dec 13, 07 3:47 pm

simples et al - here's the french docu rediscovered:
sebaparis/brasil/Oscar Niemeyer@google video

Dec 13, 07 4:03 pm
Living in Gin

I started a new thread that will hopefully get more attention from the NYC crowd.

Dec 13, 07 4:05 pm

savedbytech...thanks for the link;

Dec 13, 07 4:56 pm

all hail Oscar...

not long now, and he'll one of a few practicing centurian architects (yes there are others, though none as prolific as he)

Dec 14, 07 10:01 am

and they're all pretty close to paying off their student debt.

Dec 14, 07 10:19 am

ok...last minute plan change means no trip to freezing madison (as mentioned on LiG's thread), i hope to see everyone at good world tonight. viva oscar.

Dec 14, 07 5:28 pm
Chase Dammtor

has anyone here actually been to brasilia?

Dec 16, 07 1:54 am

i have not; i've seen niemeyer's works in sao paulo - the bienal complex at ibirapuera, memorial da america latina, copan...but never made it out to Brasilia...

i am sure some here have...

Dec 17, 07 10:55 am

oh, how was the NY Oscar-100 gathering!? any!?

Dec 17, 07 10:55 am

it was a great time. There were only 4 of us (AP, Apurimac + 1 whose name I know, but whose sn I never remember)

Turns out there was some Asymptote party there that night, so it ended up being an architectural cluster f*ck, though, there was little mingling between the two groups.

We did make plenty of jokes about their accents and geometric glasses. I was glad I left my own pair of geometric glasses at home, otherwise we wouldn't have had such comedic latitude.

The waitress hated her life, and made sure that we all knew that. And the bartender hated our lives, and made sure we knew that.

There were many toasts to Oscar, may he live forever.

I'm the only one of the 4 who didn't order the meatballs, which were apparently delicious but overpriced (something on the order of $3.50/ball).

Eventually, we took over the space heater that was warming the front of the bar.

The night ended and we all went our separate ways. Except for Asymptote, they all went home together.

Dec 17, 07 12:30 pm

it's nice that asymptote had a party for niemeyer's 100...

i know, i am joking!!!

Dec 17, 07 1:10 pm
Dec 17, 07 3:36 pm

Not reviving the thread but heard a good piece of gossip from Rio I thought I had to share:

On the day of his birthday celebration at Casa das Canoas the organizers had arranged a list of invitation-only guests. but apparently Oscar decided to "loose' the list and just open the gates to anyone that bothered to show up instead of segregating people!!

And just as I thought I was getting a bit fed up with all this Niemeyer hoo-hah I'm in love with the guy again.

Jan 2, 08 3:31 pm

Dude, Niemeyer is one of the coolest cats to ever hold a t-square from what I hear. I told ripmatic and AP about this, but apparently every thursday afternoon he sits in a little room in his office and paints and anybody who wants to chill with him/pick his brain can come in off the street and hang with him while he paints.

There's a pic of Rem in content taking advantage of one of Niemeyer's sessions.

Jan 2, 08 4:41 pm

I spoke to his office once and they were open to setting something up (it has to be said, they took me a lot more seriously once I told them I was down the road)...I somehow managed to forget about the open evening thing whilst there.
Anyway, the guy is kicking, but I think he also deserves a little more respect than having every other snotty kid coming round to oogle him (for no good reason)...?

Maybe Archinect will count their pennies and send Orhan down there with a fresh pot of Starbucks and some Cuban smokes...I'm sure he'd be up for it :-)

Jan 2, 08 6:32 pm

that would be awesome

Jan 2, 08 7:41 pm

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