3d animation charges

Golden rays
How much do 3d animations cost? Say for a 2 minute video made in 3d studio max?
Feb 25, 13 10:21 am

That's tough to answer with no other info. What resolution are you rendering out to. What rendering engine are you using. What quality and how complicated is the animation. Do you have a render farm or are you using an outsourced farm.

Generally speaking for 2 minutes of a good quality VRAY or MentalRay animation is going to cost a lot!

It would minimum probably start at 10k/minute. The real pros charge a whole lot more. 

Again it depends on many factors. 

Feb 25, 13 6:56 pm

10k what?.. indian rupees or dollars ?

Golden rays
What exactly does a render farm mean? It is a small commercial TI project with 6 rooms.
3d studio max and vray is what I would use.
Feb 26, 13 12:50 pm

These days people don't want to pay much, and many of us here in So Cal are just including it at no charge, so I would suggest to charge $5,000 to cover your time. The render could be done at the end of the day and overnight?

Feb 27, 13 10:55 am

Make sure the client knows what they’re getting as far as a deliverable. The last thing you want is the client being disappointed about how the animation turned out while you pour your sweat and blood making it because it’s not what they envisioned. Then they won’t pay you for your services.  

Feb 27, 13 3:37 pm

woah! deja vu! today at work (construction firm) I was watching this animation prepared for a proposal for a new building in nyc. It was tied with a schedule showing critical dates as renderings. It was about 2 minutes long, basically showing superstructure to finish construction with cranes. And it showed interior detail - series of renderings showing how interior construction was done and also showing sequence of each trade. This was for a proposal, they paid $30,000 for it. The visualization company were provided with complete cd sets and they built model from it. It was very basic in terms of textures. Context was just white massing. It was probably done in Revit or Navis Works.

Feb 27, 13 10:03 pm

Is Machinima ever used or is it too cheap and tacky?

Feb 28, 13 2:54 pm

Wow, y'all are in a race for the bottom aren't you?

Apr 11, 17 10:13 am

We've deleted the spam posts you're referring to

damn! I missed the spam :D


More will likely come as long as this thread remains alive

I think the tools are irrelevant since they are pretty much them same at this point; same plugins, quality, interface etc.

But quality does matter. Anyone quote 2 min for the animations below.



the "Hyperreal"

Not trying to hijack the thread. I'm just very curious since I lost interest in the hyperreal render a while ago.

Apr 11, 17 12:19 pm

More and more I like the collage renderings/drawings. There is more control over what you want to convey, while keeping things loose enough. Plus I just like layering things. Did a competition recently where all the images were collages and no rendering program was used.

The loosens definitely helps. I like keeping projects flexible and reversible even deformable - when possible. Is the collage on your profile, I'd like to see it.

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