Fridge doors and dining lights


I remember when fridge doors got wider and we had to knock out a bunch of walls in units to allow more door swing. If the door could not open more than 90 deg then the bottom veggie tray on that side couldn't be opened. Is this explained in school now? Another aspect is placement of the overhead light in dining areas. If there is a door or pass-through opening to the kitchen then the table needs to be moved further from the kitchen wall. If the long wall beside the table has no window then allow for an 18" china cabinet and move the light in that direction. Light boxes are hard to place because of truss positions so many end up with 'swag' chains and hooks to center them over the table. Should notes be added to to blueprints to make electricians aware of possible changes before completion. Thoughts?

Jan 21, 13 6:00 pm

Explained in school? LOL

Jan 21, 13 6:27 pm  · 

So THAT'S the stuff I missed out on by chosing work equivalence...

Jan 21, 13 6:40 pm  · 

Please tell me more about that school and others too. And then I'll go any solution for you.

Room addition

Jan 22, 13 6:11 am  · 

I remember when they were called "ICE BOXES"....

Jan 22, 13 4:57 pm  · 
1  · 

words of kangaroo wisdom: do not wire the dining room light to the ice box door

Jun 7, 21 2:24 pm  · 

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