if you think you have seen better please provide a link


Dec 18, 12 5:10 am

amazing graphics and production values but 'best' would assume that what it's promoting is a good thing...

some of it does look to be well-considered and reasonable urban response to the design problem, some of it just looks good because of the video production. 

but the design goals themselves seem so hugely overblown, wasteful, and unnecessary that it boggles the mind. do we really need huge brand new cities built from scratch for expansion of a consumer lifestyle? what can this kind of development possibly do to nurture community and productivity?

despite any claims they may ever make about sustainability (and i'm sure there are such claims), this completely misses the basics: building for need and stewardship of what we have. 

Dec 18, 12 7:34 am

do we really need huge brand new cities built from scratch for expansion of a consumer lifestyle? what can this kind of development possibly do to nurture community and productivity?

Do we even consider the armies of low-wage wage-workers from those who work the sales floors of retail shops to those janitors who vacuum the rugs?

The problem with large developments of any kind, from suburban stripmall lifestyle centers to entire cities raised overnight, is they rarely, if ever, account to support the poverty they create.

The goal is not to eliminate poverty— that is impossible. The larger goal is minimize the consequences of poverty and the remove obstacles in place that disadvantage the poor.

Dec 18, 12 8:31 am
chatter of clouds

sorry, thats nonsense. abu dhabi is an expanding city (within the emirate). there is nothing that is happening here that is unlike any other growing city in the  global history of urban developments. it is a silly attack above.

there are many things that are wrong - not that that is either a novel aspect.

you call it a consumer lifestyle- thats an idiotic and prejudiced way of thinking. the predominant percentage of people who are in abu dhabi are hard workers - they produce as they consume. in principle, your society is just as much consumerist. do you argue your society's expansion out by virtue of such arguments...i doubt it.

i suspect prejudice here, unqualified.

again, there is a lot that is wrong here and i could be willing to engage in specifics (when i am able to) ...but if you don't know and you simply want to revert to cliche's based on prejudice, better just keep quiet. you're contributing nothing more than your vapidity.

by the way, you need to redefine poverty in uae simply because either you are indigeneous (and therefor in a sense economically priviledged - and why not) or you have a job. i would be willing to talk about minimum wage, labourer/blue collar rights, about reverse discrimination...etc. but its useless if this is how you start.

there is nothing that is interesting about that video. it is the culimination of every aspect that makes it part of a genre. that is, it is blandly perfect and perfectly bland. and, the principle that you get what you pay for is clearly evident here.

as for the development, all i can say is "whatever". it really is a "whatever". bland, corporate...either we get bland and corporate or we get mock-traditional...or signature named...all this supermarket architecture...oh my soul, drained.

dear white western people, thank you for your contribution - and now i hear a car crash outside.

Dec 18, 12 11:29 am

Leave it to architects to demonize a project that would keep them and their co-workers gainfully employed for several years. 

Better graphics you say?

Dec 18, 12 11:54 am

This just looks like any video a rendering specialist could do given the same time, help and money.

Want to see something of quality, look at Alex Roman's videos, which I'm sure you've already seen by now... As a matter of fact, look at any hollywood sci-films.  They're usually CG architecture :)

Dec 18, 12 2:31 pm

Haters gonna hate - potatoes gonna potate

Dec 25, 12 9:09 pm
chatter of clouds

its  not about hating, please. its about being accurate in one's assessment. it is a banal compositing/animation excellently executed. it is as corporate as can be, in style and intent. except possibly with the transitionary wireframe episodes, it is quite uninteresting and unevocative.

that is to say, it is nothing more than a sum-of-its part vehicle. why does that  qualify it as a "best"? i have seen a few of these for various developments here in the UAE anyway.

sorry, for me it takes the vehicle to be more than the sum if its parts and more than its function as a vehicle to make it worthwhile of being any more useful than toilet paper - which is a  useful and reasonable thing to have...but would you really start a thread , lacking irony, on "whats the best toilet paper"?

perhaps, i just don't like things corporate, style and intent.  


Dec 26, 12 5:28 am

I also just wanted to call out one of the captions from the video "Hotel Community Leisure Facilities". Perhaps I am misreading but can leisure facilities of a hotel ever be considered community facilities? What ever happened to public parks, pools etc.

Seems another example of a private city not made for everyone? although there was a water-front promenade...

Dec 26, 12 8:30 am

nice.  construction animation was interesting but the rest is not so captivating.  much prefer bjark ingels video explaining the 8 building. performance art plus great design.

Dec 29, 12 5:17 am

i love the whole "east meets west" construct. "Where East Meets West" - could be Venice, Beirut, Casablanca, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Cairo, Dubai....

Dec 29, 12 7:31 am
chatter of clouds

only? ? how about sicily, sardinia, malta, spanish and portuguese mediterranean and atlantic coasts, how about alexandria, how about one of the greatest east-meets-west north-meets-south civilization -greco-semetico-hamitic egypt, how about marseille, how about rome itself ruled by syrian of origin emperors  the like of septimus severus and his about the phoenecian colonies in greece where the concept of the urban grid might have first been transmitted to the greeks...and on and on and on

or should one posit a west-meets-east? or do you imagine the east lying like a sedate prostitute waiting to be met by the west?

Dec 29, 12 10:15 am

I am trying to understand the anti western hostility here.  some resentment perhaps? Western architects have not designed these by forcing them onto the east.  These developments are formulaic and shallow imitations that aspire to "perfect" the western city that is so much in demand.  Western architects have been invited in.  However those who fund and promote these developments constantly try to imitate what they have seen in the west.  But that which they seek to replicate or perfect was not created from central planning or built before the people came, but developed through a pursuit of ideas based on cultural and technological progress.  That process, cannot be short cut and a society cannot automatically change because of a sudden change of clothes.  "Space" urban, public, private or natural, is never discussed anymore because the individual is not what  these developments are trying to please or provide for.

Jan 9, 13 4:01 pm

Hi all you fancy graphics lovers!

Jan 10, 13 1:00 am

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Jan 10, 13 1:04 am

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